These are the three best series of all time according to IMDb

You have to know that Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is an online database that stores information related to movies, production, actors and television series. This day this base has launched the ??Top 250 TV de IMDb??, which is generated by the website, according to user ratings.

It should be noted that this list only focuses solely on fiction series from around the planet and they are classified as the best of all time. For this reason we leave you below the three best on this list, which are available at HBO Max y Netflix.

3- Chernobyl (HBO series, available on HBO Go and HBO Max)

This is an HBO miniseries, which summarizes the events of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster and how the USSR dealt with the crisis.

The series was created by Craig Mazin, which only has five episodes which was praised for his research, however some critics stated that the show was created with American propaganda.

Chernobyl. Foto: HBO

2- Breaking Bad (AMC Series, available on Netflix

This series stars Bryan Cranston Y Aaron Paul, the AMC television project, had a successful six-season streak and for many it is one of the most influential series in history.

The series was created by Vince Gilligan, Breaking Bad had an antihero at the center of the story, which begins as a school teacher who suddenly becomes a megalomaniac who cooks meth.

Breaking Bad. Foto: AMC

1- Band of Brothers (HBO Series, available on HBO Go and HBO Max)

This is a miniseries created by Tom Hanks Y Steven Spielberg, which has ten episodes and was released in 2001, however it still holds in high esteem when it comes to classifying series of all time.

This television project is set during the second world warHe, who follows a group of American soldiers during the war. Each episode follows the journey of a single soldier.