These are the Disney + premieres in July

Following with Marvel, in July the last two episodes of “Loki”. On the 7th and 14th, the series that has been causing a sensation on the platform since its arrival will have the definitive closure. The series starring Tom Hiddleston still has a lot to unveil and the final chapters promise to be engaging

What’s more, Disney will have the landing of one of his most anticipated films: “Jungle Cruise”. The tape is already compared to “Pirates of the Caribbean” because it is also based on a Disney amusement park attraction. Dwayne Johnson Y Emily Blunt star in this super-production that will premiere in theaters and on Disney + with Premier Access on July 30.


Glass | 2 de julio

Absolutely fabulous | July 9th

Black Widow | July 9 (with additional cost)

Planet of the Apes | July 9th

The Origin of the Planet of the Apes | July 16th

Marvel Meets Spidey and His Super Team | July 21

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes | July 23th

Jungle Cruise | July 30 (with additional cost)


Jaume Collet-Serra directs the film starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt.


War for the Planet of the Apes | July 30


Monsters at work | July 7th

Loki | July 7 and 14

Partners and hounds | July 21


"Partners and hounds" comedy starring Tom Hanks becomes TV series headed by Paul Campbell

“Partners and Hounds” comedy starring Tom Hanks becomes a television series headed by Paul Campbell

Marvel Legends Episode 9 | July 7th

Empire, season 4 | July 7th

My father, the killer of the zodiac | July 14

The race to the end of the world | July 14

The body of the crime | July 14

Father Made in Usa, new episodes | July 14

How to create an attraction | July 21

Chip and Chop: Life in the Park | 28 of July

Life in pieces | 28 of July

Last notice | 28 of July

Turning the tables with Robin Roberts | 28 of July


Hip Hop Uncovered | July 7th

The valley of success | July 21

Playing with sharks | July 23th

The secrets of the bull shark | July 23th

Shark vs. Surfer | July 23th

The shark against the tuna | July 23th

Shark vs. whale | July 23th

Sharks and volcanoes | July 23th

Summer of Soul | 30 de julio