‘There has always been a certain tension between us’

At night in Trieste, Miramar Castle: in the former holiday home of Empress Franz Joseph and Empress Sissi, instead of an avalanche of tourists, an action movie scene with a machine gun and a motorboat is being prepared fast. In 2019, the word coronavirus was unknown at the time, and journalists were awaiting the release of Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds before beginning to shoot. Much more than just a bodyguard 2. His next film, which was scheduled to open in the summer of 2020, but ended in theaters only this week.

On this day, the hvg.hu reporter was also present filming the continuation of the unexpectedly successful, satisfying, dark humor, age-restricted action comedy. The Much more than a bodyguard Perhaps the most popular actors of his generation are the massively built and completely erased assassin, Novela de lona novelOscar-nominated Samuel L. Jackson, the world’s most financially successful actor, and dead Pool Starring Ryan Reynolds, who is hired in the film as the bodyguard of the criminal Jackson played in the film, to bring him safely to Human Rights Court. But in the second part, a great role is given to a new hero: Salma Hayek, who plays the murderer’s wife, with whom we can also talk at an early stage of the shoot; Our interview with him readable by clicking here.

And although at first journalists from several countries could have spoken with Reynolds and Jackson separately when Jackson also removed his makeup, he pulled out a chair next to Reynolds without saying a word, and from there he also entered a conversation about the film. the harmony between actors, boxing and Samuel L. Jackson’s favorite word. (The interview also includes questions from all the journalists present.)

Ryan, you are arguably one of the most seasoned actors in Hollywood today when it comes to the kind of old-fashioned nerdy comedy full of goofy humor, like Much more than a bodyguard Him. Is this your taste or was it something else?

Ryan Reynolds: It is true that I love to doodle and I think humor is a good way to get out of the real world a bit, especially in what we live today. And I loved the world of my life when this mood differed from the usual; Even as a child, I liked to laugh at myself. Maybe this is where it all comes from.

Aren’t you afraid of getting caught? The dead Pool And after your other similar movies, can you imagine being asked to play it, do it, Hamlet?

RR: I don’t really long for the role of Hamlet, but I don’t think anyone will find me doing that. Look, I love jobs like this, I love being able to bounce the way I want between different genres and continents. I feel incredibly good in this role and it has always been that way, I immediately felt like it was the right fit for me. I love what I do and consider myself lucky to get it as a gift.

In the first part of the film, Amsterdam explodes, and in the second, Trieste or is shot. Which is more fun?

RR: Oh mom, I don’t want to blow anything anymore! I don’t want to disturb more than my dear European friends. So I do not know. It’s a fact that Amsterdam and the current filming locations in Croatia and Italy are pretty amazing too. It’s a nice side effect for my business – I can tour such beautiful places all the time, all the time, I have to pretend it’s a job.

He’s been playing with bloodstains and cuts for almost the entire movie, and he’s still sitting here. Do you have dirty work in the movie?

RR: Yeah, it looks like he’s just trying to have sex with a lawnmower. I don’t know why, but something terrible happens to me in every scene.

Salma Hayek talked about how the actors had the opportunity to shape their characters to their liking. How did you deal with what you read in the script about Bryce’s bodyguard character?

RR: Well, in my case, these questions always point in one direction: towards humor and absurd scenes. For me, these are a natural thing. For me, this movie is about attachment problems. (Ryan Reynolds’ famous father appears in film – KB). After all, it’s a love movie, I mean every movie is about love, right? We had to create a kind of sweet bond between the three heroes, which was also between Sam and me in the first part, from the first moment we met on the canvas, but now Selma gets a much bigger slice of the cake. He’s the real protagonist now, it’s all about him and he really is the movie’s secret weapon. She has it all: she is incredibly smart and quick to attack. His character is incredibly good and tremendously dynamic.

And what is this special bond between you and Samuel L. Jackson?

RR: It’s a matter of luck: if things go well in the beginning, you have the attachment, and if they don’t, you don’t. But from the first moment I met this guy, there was a certain tension between us that sometimes explodes. You definitely can’t anticipate it, but we don’t even have to do anything, just get in front of the cameras and do our own silly things.

Samuel L. Jackson: We love good movies, we love humor, and we also know when they do well. Also, we want to see how we work ourselves on the screen; that’s not true for many, most of them don’t watch their own movies. Do. When I look at others and

I often say that this guy is very good and I also want to do something similar.

It is important to have the right person with us; Someone who is sensitive enough, feel the rhythm, understand the rules of comedy, what you are going to do. We want the audience to really enjoy what we offer, feel it and be able to connect with it, not just superficially. Guys always want to look tougher than they really are, and we also know how to use this trait for a purpose without being afraid to laugh at ourselves.

RR: I always try to achieve this by having to play bare-chested less often.

Are you surprised that Salma Hayek adapts to you so easily?

RR: Never.

SLJ: There is a certain image of him in the minds of most men, and there is a completely different image of who really knows him in the profession.

RR: It is a really beautiful love story between the characters Sam and Salma. He was captured by this thread even in the first film: here is this man, a completely insane and disfigured killer, and yet the one who fully understands how important love is, his relationship with his wife. And the question of love also raises my personality quite a bit, although we haven’t really untied that thread. So I say, this is a love movie. every movie.

SLJ: My character doesn’t really understand how family works, Ryan knows that all he wants is a loving family because his family is exhausted in every way possible, but he still yearns for it. We just wanted to show that we all want a family after all, Ryan despite his bad experiences, so I really don’t know what it is, and Salma wants to be a mother at all costs. She misses the baby more than anything and is not afraid to say so. This is what the movie is about. Well this process is a bit noisy when we get here, but until then.

Samuel L. Jackson, Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek and Ryan Reynolds in Over 2 Bodyguard


We’re having a good time in the movie, but is it a party for you too? Does the adrenaline make up for the intense pace of filming, which often lasts all night?

RR: Oh man, I can work with Sam Jackson! I am a lucky man.

It pays really well, I mean, it knows everything other people do, just better.

It’s not a job, we just have to stand in front of the camera, take care of each other, cooperate while speaking our own common language, like we did in the first movie. Well, it could happen at two or three in the morning, but that must be a big deal.

SLJ: Anyway, I slept in the morning. I dont complain. But anyway: we know exactly what we are going to do and we have the timetable. At best, Ryan is having a hard time because people want to stop talking to him.

RR: Maybe because I’m not neurotic, right?

And sure enough, here on the set, he stopped to defend himself with everyone he was addressing, and not to send anyone. This is not what Hollywood stars necessarily expect.

RR: The question is why am I not a monster?

SLJ: When we left the hotel in the morning, I got in the car and finished. Ryan came after me, but when I looked back, he had already stopped chatting with someone.

RR: I like to think that people don’t have to be horrible characters in the business world, either. Never in my life have I felt that I was unhappy dating someone I sometimes worked with. Everyone here is a professional, and everyone is lucky to get that job, or get a job at all. We stick together.

SLJ: I’ve seen all your movies, I know who you played with, and man, there were two of them that were just dumb!

RR: really? then why?

Sam, After Part One He Said Although she has starred in over a hundred movies, Salma Hayek was the fifth woman to kiss on screen. How did it go like this?

SLJ: I guess the writers don’t assume that I tend to kiss women. It’s not my type if someone does something, they do it very well, I do other things very well. That’s it, you don’t have to think about it. Anyway, there is someone I can kiss at any time. (Jackson has lived with his wife, actress Latanya Richardson since 1980 – KB)

Sam, no one on the canvas is going to say much about being over 50. (Samuel L. Jackson is actually 72 years old). Do you feel that too?

SLJ: You mean, how long will it take me to get out of bed in the morning? Fortunately, I feel good enough that I don’t have to jump in the middle of the night for nothing because that might not be the case.

In fact, I was thinking more about filming action scenes.

SLJ: Oh, I don’t think so. I’m going to train, I do what I need to be in good physical shape for what I need to do. And if I feel like I’ve reached a point where I can’t do that anymore, I start making other movies.

Previously, even serious letters A press article has been dedicated to her To find out how many times she has said the word “motherhood” in her films so far: she was ranked 171 in 2014. Does it count the number of times that son of a bitch has been in that movie?

SLJ: I never count the number of bastards that come out of my head. I repeat this all day!

RR: I will also have a serious question. Has the Guinness Book of World Records awarded any reward for this?

SLJ: The guy who most often said she was a prostitute? No, but I really get a little diploma from them every year because of my movie income. (Samuel L. Jackson entered the record books in 2009 and his films to date generated $ 7.42 billion in revenue; of course, that number has grown exponentially since then – KB)

Did you learn to say fuck in Croatian while filming in Croatia?

SLJ: No. I have long realized that there is not a single Croatian word that I can pronounce well.

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