Theory relates The Rock as Sean Connery’s latest installment as the spy

A fan has exposed that Sean Connery’s character in The Rock is really James Bond and everything is perfectly spun

With the recent release of Sin Tiempo para Morir, a fan theory on the relationship between the 1992 film, The Rock, and the James Bond series played by Sean Connery. Of course, although the fan has managed to spin the theory very well.

The theory begins by stating that the character of Connery is using a secret name, since on other occasions the James Bond character is really called that and his alias is 007. So from some comments that the characters have it is dropped that John Mason is James Bond. For example in The Rock is said that Mason has been trained by different groups such as the SAS or British Intelligence, just like in James Bond, so he’s a skilled person for the job.

The theory explains this flight, relating it to Connery’s first film as James Bond, since after the end of Doctor no, the character in the confusion of the situation is arrested by some marines and sent to prison. On From Russia with love it is said that James Bond has been missing for six months, the time that as Mason is on Alcatraz and escapes in 1963, before the second movie.

Pentex Production also has a video explaining all the details, which we leave you below, where he links both characters, even looking at the John Mason’s responses and tone of voice. Another piece of information that would link James Bond with Mason is the end of Diamonds Forever in 1972, the last canonical film, since Bond ends up staying in San Francisco, city where Alcatraz is located. Due to the actions of the spy in the film, Bond retires and receives the name of Mason, who years later we will see in The Rock.