The Walking Dead: what is known about the return of Rick Grimes | Spoiler

The Walking Dead is heading to its end after the airing of the last bonus episodes of season 10, and it will be with a last installment that will have a total of 24 chapters, thus being the largest of the entire series since its inception. We already told you that he will return on August 22 and many fans hope to see one of the most beloved characters that day: Rick Grimes.

The last time fans saw the figure played by Andrew Lincoln it was in the fifth episode of the ninth season. At that moment, Rick ends up finding himself seriously injured after blowing up the bridge to stop a massive herd of walkers and reclines on the bank of a bleeding river. A helicopter takes him away from Alexandria and from there no more was heard from him.

From seasons 9 to 11 a lot happened in the plot of Robert Kirkman’s comic book adaptation, so the most anxious fans ask why Grimes still hasn’t returned and what is keeping him from being with his friends and family, after so long. This situation led to many theories being considered.

A Reddit user commented: “What if one of the reasons Rick has been gone for so long is because he got hurt a lot? After all, he was impaled by a rebar, lost a lot of blood as a result, and was then thrown from a bridge into a raging river. You may be weak, you may not be able to walk temporarily. I think we’ll see a lot of that in the first movie, in the style of The Dark Knight Rises. “.

This theory refers to the first part of The Walking Dead trilogy based on Rick Grimes, so it is thought of as a good connector between the series and the movies. While that thought seems to make sense, another part of the fans do not believe it will happen that way and imagine that he will return for season 11. At the moment AMC no reference has been made, nor are there any official filings.

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