The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln reappears with a huge beard in a photo

Andrew Lincoln he already sports a huge gray beard again and many fans have begun to speculate that it is the experience he had Rick Grimes in its last season of The Walking Dead, where the former Atlanta cop disappeared aboard a helicopter piloted by the so-called Civic Republic Military. Rick’s disappearance in the season 9 episode “What Comes After”, which aired two years ago on November 4, became his fired of the series, but at the same time, in the first step towards his return as the absolute protagonist of a series of films produced by AMC that will tell us their destiny.

A project centered on Rick Grimes

The content director of The Walking Dead, Scott Gimple, announced Lincoln’s return in an ambitious trilogue of AMC feature films, but the pandemic of COVID-19 significantly hampered the production of the film, which was originally intended to be released in theaters. However, this time, according to Gimple, has allowed him and co-writer Robert Kirkman to get extra time to “to perfect” the script before Rick’s return to this troubled fictional universe. And based on the actor’s appearance, it seems that he is already marching. The photograph shows Lincoln and his co-star from Love Actually, Bill Nighy, together in Mayfair, London, in a picture posted Nov. 2 by Mols Simpson on Instagram.

Apparently the Old Vic Theater in London announcement that Lincoln had played a Ebenezer Scrooge in a theatrical production to be streamed based on the popular A Christmas Carol, which will be broadcast virtually from December 12 until Christmas Eve. We remind you that London and the UK are under strict confinement, and that shows and cinemas are closed at the moment. Regarding the Rick Grimes tape or tapes, as it is expected to be a trilogue, they are still in production and could be filming or starting their production after a long time in dry dock.

Universal will be in charge of releasing the three films in preparation in theaters

“On whether they are taking longer than necessary, I would say this: the movies take a long time”Gimple explained to Los Angeles Times last October, where he reaffirmed plans for the films to be released in theaters through distributor Universal Pictures in an unprecedented deal. “It’s been a great process. Andy has been very involved, deeply involved in it. Robert has been deeply involved in it too.”, aada Gimple.

“Let’s say that everything is being assembled in a somewhat slow but safe way,” concludes the producer. The film will tell us what happened to Rick in the more than seven years that he has been away from his family on The Walking Dead, showing us that it has not exactly been idle. Michonne (Danai Gurira) and her daughter Judith (Cailey Fleming) found out on the show recently that Rick survived past the bridge fire, prompting Michonne to go find Rick and bring him home. The Walking Dead finish its 11th season in style and is expected to continue through several spinoff and spinoff projects on television.