‘The Walking Dead’: 20 personal images of Norman Reedus that exude nostalgia, love and companionship on set

The person in charge of playing Daryl Dixon since the first season loves zombie fiction and his companions. And his Instagram is the best proof of this.

1. Norman Reedus y Michael Rooker

The Walking Dead.

Photo album

© Instagram / Norman Reedus

Fixed member of The Walking Dead cast since the first of its episodes, Norman Reedus He feels true devotion both to the series that brought him worldwide fame and to each and every one of those who have been his companions throughout all these years. It is not necessary to go far to verify it, since Absolute proof of his love for all things zombie fiction is his personal Instagram account.

It is not like other actors, who, yes, dedicate publications to their projects and share photographs with colleagues, but they do so on designated dates or coinciding with promotional periods. The Norman Reedus thing is a constant. Among the family photos with Diane Kruger and her daughter, and those of their motorcycles, The behind-the-scenes images of The Walking Dead.

And they have a place for absolutely all those who at some point in their career have been part of the series, to a greater or lesser extent. In fact, the person in charge of playing Daryl is not especially given to sharing information about upcoming episodes or showing anything that happens on set during filming, but rather what he truly is an absolute lover is nostalgia and reliving some of the good moments he has starred in with his teammates.

Thus, among the personal images that the actor shares we can find some with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Melissa Suzanne McBride, of course, with whom he currently shares the limelight in the eleventh season of the series, but the snapshots with Steven Yeun also multiply ( Glenn), the late Scott Wilson (Hershel) -which he remembers very very often-, Danai Gurira (Michonne), Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and even Austin Amelio (Dwight), all of them already out of the AMC series.

If something is transmitted by the dozens (or hundreds if we go through his entire profile) of behind-the-scenes images shared by Norman Reedus on his Instagram account, it is companionship, friendship, nostalgia and good vibes in abundance. And perhaps that is why zombie fiction became one of the most important series of its time.

On August 22, the first part of the final season that will put the finishing touch to the series in 2022 will be released on its original AMC chain -in our country by the hand of Fox Spain-. Subsequently, Reedus will star alongside McBride a ‘spin-off’ focused on Daryl and Carol about which we are looking forward to learning more details.