The truth about Michael Fassbender or why you want to be Alicia Vikander

He wanted to be a guitarist in a rock band, but he didn’t go beyond giving a low-key gig one night in the pub covering Metallica with a friend. And they lowered the volume – he remembers – as the performance progressed. Thanks God! what their Irish compatrioters will say. The cinema would have lost one of the best actors of this generation. Because Michael Fassbender, in addition to being able to share the foreground with Brad Pitt or Ryan Gosling without detracting a millimeter, not to say that for many it is far more interesting – class, irresistibly morbid -, it has been built to date – April 2 celebrates his 43rd birthday – one of the strongest careers in Hollywood. He has “good intuition,” says the actor. And he knows – he has recognized – that in his profession being at the right time with the right people is key.

It appeared on the credits of a major production for the first time in 300, but it was with Hunger (2008) that the critics put his name in bold. He never took his eye off her again. Who reproaches him. With his director, Steve McQueen, he has replicated a successful tandem in other films such as Shame or 12 Years a Slave. And on his resume the neon titles of Tarantino (Inglourious Basterds) Ridley Scott (Alien: Coveniant) or Terrence Malick (Song to song) shine.

The British (Marlon) Brando

That he Brando britnico catch on screen is more than obvious, but the fascination it provokes leaves our mouths drier than the XL popcorn combo. After a succession of love affairs, among which Zoe Kravitz stands out, actress Alicia Vikander came into his life. And, to ours, the couple with the most magnetism in today’s cinema. Brangelina remains in the amateur category. They met on the dance floor of a Toronto Festival party in 2014, and he assures that the chemistry emerged from minute one. In addition, they had the detail to celebrate her Spanish wedding, in Ibiza, in 2017.

Perhaps at this point the title of this article is still unclear. Why do we like Fassbender so much? It’s what a good-bad boy would say to himself. Sportsman and passionate about speed, he loves surfing and motorcycles (he has traveled to Europe and South America). But the free risk is not for you. He knows what it’s like to work since he was a teenager washing dishes in a hotel in the summer, the years of rejection at auditions only increased his commitment to achieving his dream and he keeps the same friends from the Irish town where he grew up. Anything else? He claims that his mother always complained that in movies it is women who go out without clothes. So she dedicated the full nude of Shame, a film that we include in this top 5 of her career.

Damn bastards

In Inglourious Basterds he plays an American officer.

Touched by Quentin Tarantino’s infallible finger, and sharing the bill with Brad Pitt and Diane Kruger, his role as an American officer posing as a German was the definitive catapult to Hollywood Olympus in 2009, after the critical success he obtained for his interpretation in Hunger one to before.


Characterized as Magneto in X-Men.

Characterized as Magneto in X-Men.

Up to three times (First Generation, Days of Future Past, and Revelation, in 2010, 2014 and 2015, respectively) has played the mutant Magneto, the X Men’s greatest enemy. It is probably not his most brainy or representative work, but the Marvel heroes saga is a blockbuster impossible to ignore.


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En Shame, one of your most disturbing roles.

Shame (2011) is the second of his successful collaborations with his fetish director, Steve McQueen. Breathtakingly naked aside, his disturbing portrayal of a sex-addicted young New Yorker trying to redeem himself earned him a Golden Globe nomination and won the Volpi Cup at the Venice Film Festival, among other awards.