The transformation of Mickey Rourke

By Alejandra Morón Instagram: @moronitas

Philip Andre Michael Rourke, better known as Mickey Rourke, was born on September 16, 1952 in New York, although he grew up in Liberty City, Miami.

He was one of the most sought-after gallants of the 90’s, but he has not stopped having surgeries, to such an extent that today he looks unrecognizable.

In his childhood, Mickey Rourke dreamed of becoming a boxer.
But life led him to the seventh art.

She studied Acting with Sandra Seacat at the Actors Studio.

He began his acting career in the late 1970s.

He starred in great melodramas like “Nine and a Half Weeks” and “Manhattan Sur”.
In 1988 he starred in the boxing movie “Homeboy” where he revived his dreams of being a boxer.
In the early 90’s, Mickey began to make his first pinnacles in boxing.
But Rourke was unsuccessful in boxing.

The actor retired from the rings four years after his start in the sport.
Mickey Rourke
Due to the boxing, his face showed the consequences and it was then that he began with a series of cosmetic surgeries.
On a personal level, Mickey Rourke with actress Debra Feuer.
Mickey Rourke
The actor married in 1981 with his co-star in the film “Homeboy.”
The marriage lasted until 1989, when Debra Feuer and Mickey Rourke decided to divorce.
Three years later, in 1992, the actor married Carré Otis, his partner in the erotic thriller “Wild Orchid”.
Mickey Rourke
However, the couple divorced four years later.
In cinema he has continued to be active, although no longer with leading roles.
Mickey Rourke
He participated in films such as “Legitima Defense” in 1997, “Animal Factory” in 2000 and “Sin City” in 2005.
In 2008, Mickey Rourke starred in the film ‘El Luchador’, with which he was awarded the Golden Globe.
Mickey Rourke
Mickey Rourke became the supervillain Whiplash for the movie ‘Iron Man 2’.
Mickey Rourke
But the actor is not limited in acting, he owns a motorcycle replica store and also has a gym in Hollywood.
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