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A Hawaiian shirt, an impeccable white suit … Michael Fassbender He is one of those men who knows how to turn any “I’ll never be able to do that” into a “I need it in my closet.” The actor knows how to have our attention either as Magneto in X-Men: Dark Phoenix or as a classy guy on a day-to-day basis. And it is precisely this second facet that we celebrate today, April 2, the day on which Fassbender’s birthday (43 specifically) and shows us that it is possible to pass the quarantine with the same style and good taste. To prove it, we have compiled all those occasions in which the actor dazzled us with a masterful lesson that we immediately applied to our wardrobe. Caps, sunglasses, suits, shirts … take note because Fassbender has the looks that you are going to want to wear the rest of the year.

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With beret and casual

Fassbender is up to date with the latest trends for men and shows it every time he leaves the house. A beret, a bomber jacket, some sunglasses … What else does it take to be stylish?


All to the white

If you’ve ever wondered what a white suit would look like, here’s a photo of Fassbender to see what the result would be like. In the best case.


Tourist in Paris

If the good weather catches you in the French capital, make sure you have glasses as cool as the actor’s on hand. And if it continues to cool despite the sun’s rays, you can take a suede jacket, some chinos and some boat shoes.


A three piece

There are occasions that require a three-piece suit as elegant as this one that the actor is wearing. Opt for the squares and the brown color to get an air retro and add a maroon tie to add distinction.


Los angeles baby

If you are a Hollywood star, you say and that’s it. Fassbender has immersed himself in the role of celebrity stylish in her light blue suit and floral shirt. The point of rockstar? The sunglasses to pose in the photocall.


The American trick

We know what you’ve done, Fassbender. The jacket is the key garment to elevate this look so casual. Imagine it with a brown leather jacket or a trench coat, it could be a outfit to stay for a drink.


Any given sunday

Not everything is going to be suits and formalities. The actor also knows how to combine jeans and does it in a blue key. The trick is to opt for different fabrics and to break the color spectrum with taupe shoes.


The classic tuxedo

Like all men of class, Fassbender has a classic black tuxedo that you can count on to attend posh events,


Drinking night

If he plays a night of fun, the actor has a look for the occasion: a leather jacket, a black T-shirt and jeans. To complete, do like him and add some sneakers.


american crusade

When you have to go to so many red carpets, you must have a good rotation of costumes. Do like the actor and opt for one with a double-breasted jacket, you will not only meet the requirements of formality, but you will be on the wave of the trend.

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