The Stranger Things actress sues her ex-boyfriend for talking about her sex life on social media

Millie Bobby Brown has sued Hunter Ecimovi, a well-known ‘tiktoker’ with whom she had a sentimental relationship, for having revealed intimate details of their sex life from when they were together. In addition, Ecimovic in his statements on the Instagram live has included very graphic descriptions of his sexual encounters. The story of the ‘tiktoker’ would be violating the rights that Brown has as a minor. What’s more, at that time the ‘influencer’ was 20 years old and the interpreter 16.

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Millie Bobby Brown the actress who became a star as a child thanks to her appearance on the series Stranger Things (Netflix) is taking advantage of the power and media speaker it has to exercise its activism in favor of the rights of women and the weakest.

For this reason, the actress instead of playing her ex-boyfriend’s game on the networks, has directly published a firm statement, “Mr. Ecimovic’s comments on social networks are not only dishonest, but also irresponsible, offensive and are loaded with hatred ”. In addition, Brown has claimed that instead of engaging in a public discussion, he has asked his lawyers to take steps to ensure that Ecimovic ceases such behavior for good.

Actriz Millie Bobby Brown at Stranger Things' premiere

Actriz Millie Bobby Brown at Stranger Things’ premiere

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The commotion that this has generated has been so great that the ‘influencer’ account has been deactivated due to the large number of complaints it has received on its profile. Before staying silent, as far as digital is concerned, Ecimovic has stated that he will not apologize and that he would not ask for forgiveness either. And with this he has finished his statements not without first dropping one last bomb saying that he has lived for eight months in Brown’s house with his father and mother and that they were both fully aware of what was happening under that roof.

The artist is now dating Jon Bon Jovi’s son Jacob Bongiovi, and the two have a more stable relationship than Bobby Brown had with Ecimovic. What’s more, so far discretion has been one of the pillars of this relationship.

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