The series accustom us to American politics but do not prepare us to understand the elections

Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) so admired Joe Biden, then vice president of the United States next to Barack Obama, that he had him on a pedestal and even got horny looking at pictures of him in Parks and recreation. Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski), on the other hand, was more of Hillary Clinton. When he lost the 2016 election, a little more and the lawyer loses the trial in The good fight.

Through Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) we had seen in The good wife the conservative and corrupt mechanisms of the Democratic Party and also the fragility and judicialization of the democratic process. Maybe on a day like today it’s worth seeing What’s in the box, the end of the fourth season, which precisely spoke of a cloudy ballot box, the possible invalidation of votes and how democratic results could depend on the decision of a judge.

It is a good day to see the episode ‘What’s in the box’ of ‘The good wife’ about doubtful ballot boxes and electoral results that depend on the decision of a judge ”

However, if you talk about rigged elections, there will always be the victory of President Grant (Tony Goldwyn) in Scandal. His team had taken it for granted that his victory was needed by the country because he was more handsome than his rival (and he would use this power to hook up with his lover in the Oval Office). But perhaps with his adventures and his love of alcohol he was a better president than Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), a mess with legs in Veep.

Not all could be President Bartlett (Martin Sheen) of The West Wing of the White House, always delighted to teach all the people around him, with biblical phrases if necessary (because believing in God is the only indispensable requirement). His idealism clashed with that of Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), who in House of cards he was capable of anything to get to power. And the same could be said of his wife Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), his successor.

An image from the urn episode of ‘The good wife’.


While we now see Taylor Swift or Ellen Pompeo or Shonda Rhimes asking us to vote for Biden on Instagram stories or on Twitter or on informational websites, we once saw Kitty (Calista Flockhart) falling in love with Senator McCallister in Five brothers. We have lived elections in 30 Rock where the final result of the elections could depend on the stupid (but endearing) Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski).

And these days we have been able to see that Trump also has his audience among the black community: at least he has convinced Colonel Poythress (Scott Mescudi) of We are who we are, who even bought the Make America Great Again cap for when he was out for a drive away from the military base.

We have read the fights of the Haunted because (among many other things) Alyssa Milano could not be more involved in the Democratic campaign and Rose McGowan (the American Willy Toledo) considers that it is a party as conservative and evil as the Republican, another that does not deserve her support. We have seen how they passed (and died assassinated or were accused of conspiracy) up to eleven presidents of the series 24, Lisa Simpson to be president after Donald Trump, and we are pending to see if Payton Hobart (Ben Platt) manages to reach the White House in The Politician.

We have been informed with the bore of Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) in The Newsroom (another from Sorkin, a man close to reality); and we have met Elizabeth McCord (Téa Leoni) being the best person on the planet as Secretary of State in Madam Secretary, where all his predecessors made cameos: Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice.

Joe Biden in 'Parks and Recreation' when he was still Obama's vice president.

Joe Biden in ‘Parks and Recreation’ when he was still Obama’s vice president.

NBC Universal

We have seen what would happen if almost the entire government died in an attack and an unforeseen man in Designated Successor; We have learned about the relationship that the two main American parties had with feminism in the 1970s from the miniseries from Mrs America.

Please, if we have even explored the political reality of Washington if an extraterrestrial species invaded the bodies of the main representatives of the country in Braindead! (By the way, written by the King and Queen The good wife Y The good fight, and as essential as impossible to find in Spain).

Aliens have even taken over Washington in ‘Braindead’, inaccessible in Spain “

In fact, We have heard about politics with more honesty than Spanish fiction, where the channels do not even dare to produce a series where the names of the political parties are mentioned and they dare to associate them with corruption, Francoism, state terrorism, conspiracies and whatever the screenwriters want.

And, with all these television references made in USA, normal that the US presidential elections are held and we spend hours listening to Jordi Basté or seeing Ricard Ustrell or following the tweets of Emilio Doménech. We live with the Democratic Party and the Republican Party almost without realizing it, naturally, and this article does not even mention the volume of cinematic precedents (which include Harrison Ford as president and action hero in Air Force One, to take a crazy example).

Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell y Madeleine Albright en 'Madam Secretary'.

Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell y Madeleine Albright en ‘Madam Secretary’.


This is the power that the United States has, an incalculable, conscious and highly exportable power. We may have seen the White House more times (and voluntarily) than the in-laws’ house. And perhaps this is why our heads explode when we see the results (at this time still uncertain) in this face-to-face between Donald Trump and Joe Biden: because as spectators we find ourselves face to face with the reality that a motorcycle has been sold to us, the idealized and blue image drawn by the scriptwriters and that the studios reduce to sell it beyond their borders.

But, in the same way that there comes an age when we assume that romantic relationships are not like romantic comedies, perhaps it is time that we wake up and assume that American politics (or that of anywhere else) is The West Wing of the White House. Even with a Biden victory, the disturbing idea of ​​where the millions of Trump voters (and their ideals) are represented in the audiovisual imaginary remains on the table..

Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler are the heart of the series as the Taylor couple.

I would not rule out that the majority of ‘Friday Night Lights’ characters voted for Donald Trump even if the series was broadcast when the millionaire was still host of the reality show ‘The Apprentice’


Maybe they are in A place to dream . Or in the bad Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel. Or in Sweet magnolias . Maybe in Chesapeake Stories . They will be in Tiger King? Or in the very good (and now inaccessible) Friday night lights over the depressed America of Texas. Or that all these options are reductionist because simply Hollywood is not in the business of reflecting the totality of the essence of the United States (nor is it its obligation). It may not even be possible.

With so much series we were very entertained, yes. We can understand the electoral system, the amendments to the Constitution, the functioning of the parties, the protocols of the White House, the recent history of the republic and know the most striking social and cultural movements. But still are unable to understand the results that appear on the screenWhoever wins, because the functioning and beliefs of society are much more different than what Hollywood has led us to believe.

Where is Trump’s America in fiction? In ‘A place to dream’ or ‘Friday night lights’? “