The secrets of Cher’s eternal youth that we should all know

Cherilyn Sarkisian, known around the world as Cher, turns 75 today with an appearance that does not correspond to her age and a career of six decades that has made her an icon. You just have to take a look at the photographs that show us the evolution of the image of this versatile artist to understand the role that cosmetic surgery has had in her youthful appearance.

With a remarkable sense of humor, Cher has naturally acknowledged that she has had several touch-ups. He has never said how many, although there is a certain consensus that he adds more than 20 interventions that have shaped his face and also his sculptural figure.

Cher, in an image from 2016


The first time, according to Cher herself in an interview, was to correct her nose. She was already a successful singer and was starting her career in cinema. Seeing herself on the big screen, the artist decided that she should change the appearance of her nose. Then followed the cheekbones, the bust, the navel, the calves, … as well as the occasional liposuction and facelift.

“In my work aging and extinction go hand in hand”

CherSinger and actress

Cher assured in a 2018 interview with British ITV television star Lorraine Kelly that “aging and dying go hand in hand in my work.” A confession that clearly shows the personality of a fighter woman who has always claimed her role in an extremely competitive industry and has done so successfully.

Surgeon John Grossman, one of the most famous in Beverly Hills, is responsible for several of the cosmetic operations that the singer and actress has undergone over the past decades. The results obtained, despite the fact that criticism is inevitable, have provided Grossman with a good part of his professional prestige, recognition and patients.

However, the intervention of the scalpel is only part of the secret of Cher’s eternal youth. From the outset, it must be said that genetics is an ally in the fight against physical decline. Without going any further, her mother, Gerogina Holt, 97, sports an enviable figure. This woman’s ancestry includes Irish, English, German, and Cherokee ancestry, while John Sarkisian, Father Cher, was of Armenian descent.

Singer Cher at the Met's 1974 charity gala. New York.

Singer Cher at the Met’s 1974 charity gala. New York.

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Beyond Grossman’s natural predisposition and magic, Cher has shaped her figure through hours in the gym. The actress recorded a couple of exercise videos in the 80s, in the heat of the success of Jane Fonda, in which she showed how to maintain the figure. One of the messages that the artist to the people who were encouraged to follow her videos, in which she wore a splendid figure, is that “you don’t have to start like this, but you have to start”.

Over time, Cher has assured that “at my age you have to work twice as hard” and that she practices in the gym five days a week. But another ally of the artist in her struggle to maintain herself is her attitude, always open to new experiences. In that sense, in a statement to the British magazine Hello, he assured, already turned 70, that he was learning to surf. He has also confessed that he likes to play Wii Tennis.

The third pillar of Cher’s eternal youth is her healthy lifestyle. “I don’t smoke, I don’t drink and I don’t take drugs,” he said in the interview with Lorraine Kelly. The Oscar winner for ‘Moonlight Spell’ barely consumes meat, is the enemy of cheese and whole milk and most of the foods she likes are healthy, according to her own admission. Its only weak point is the desserts, although it ensures that it knows how to control it.