The ruined mansion of Cantinflas in Mexico

The images are eloquent: between palm trees bent by the wind, a statue of the owner of the house with one of his most characteristic poses and waters that invite you to relax, the mansion of the most famous comedian in Mexico, Mario Moreno Cantinflas, resembles the cemetery of a old water amusement park.

The history of the Cantinflas mansion goes back to the 1950s. The actor bought a summer house in an exclusive area in Acapulco, Mexico, facing the sea. But after his death in 1993, the property began the process of inexorable deterioration that it exhibits today.

Accessible by sea, the former Cantinflas summer house is abandoned and is visited by tourists and onlookers who arrive via boats and small boats.

Mario Moreno Cantinflas began his career as a comedian on the streets of Mexico City, but he quickly conquered laughter from around the world with his foray into film at the age of 26.

Only in Mexico he participated in dozens of films, where – according to Google published to honor him on the 107th anniversary of his birth – “he captured the hearts of the film public.”

What’s more: it was Chaplin himself, who, astonished after seeing one of his films, defined him as the “greatest living comedian”.

By 1956, the Mexican became known worldwide for his role in the film Around the World in 80 Days, by Michael Anderson, inspired by the work of Jules Verne and where he rubbed shoulders with names like David Niven, Shirley MacLaine, Frank Sinatra and Buster Keaton.

At the beginning of the year, a group of tiktokers from Mexico entered the property – now uninhabited – and showed what it looks like with drone and reflex cameras.

In the images it can be seen that Cantinflas had a privileged view and access to the beach, with palm trees in the vicinity and a pool with a slide in front of the pier that, today, falls apart due to the incessant pounding of the waves.

There is a large statue of Cantinflas himself, leaning on a pole in one of his characteristic poses.

According to the Mexican press, the property was valued at about US $ 13 million, but today it is in a complete state of disrepair, without maintenance and with the structures blurred by the advance of time.

In addition, there are signs of looting of the home of the winner of a Golden Globe for best actor in a musical comedy. Inherited by Tita Marbez, Cantinflas’s granddaughter, the property is up for sale and awaits a better future.