The reunion of Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal thirty years after ‘When Harry Met Sally’

Thirty years separate these images. Three decades in which the prestige of these two great actors in Hollywood has grown. Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal they starred in one of the greatest hits of all time in romantic cinema, When Harry found Sally. Last night Hollywood celebrated the 30th anniversary of this film and managed to reunite its protagonists who once again showed the good relationship they maintain despite the passing of the years.


Kisses, hugs and jokes in front of the cameras followed one another during the anniversary gala that was held during the opening of the CM Classic Film Festival where the entire film was screened. When Harry found Sally It was released in 1989 and at that time a very young Meg Ryan was 28 years old and her friend or partner in fiction, Billy Crystal, 41. Thirty years later, at 57 and 71, respectively, the good harmony between these two actors remains intact. .

Meg RyanAware of the nostalgia and affection that the film continues to awaken, he pointed out that the chemistry that existed between its characters played a fundamental role:“It’s the kind of music that Billy and I knew how to play together.” The movie director, Rob Reiner also spoke of his film’s secret success: “You never know. You make a movie and you hope you like it, and you hope other people like it too. You have no idea if it will stand the test of time, and it’s pretty cool. get it. ” In his opinion, what most connected with people were “some basic truths about men and women”.


It is not the first time that Ryan and Crystal meet before the flashes. The last reunion of the couple took place on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the film. Five years later, history has repeated itself, perhaps with a few more gray hairs, but with the same smile. His fans are again witnesses of the great complicity that exists between this couple who delighted viewers in the film directed by Rob Reiner.

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