The remake of ‘Twelve from the gallows’ will be like the Fast and Furious saga

Director David Yesterday wants to make a new version of ‘Twelve from the gallows’but you want it to be like the movies of Fast and Furious.

It was recently announced that David Ayer (Bright, Suicide Squad, Hearts of Steel) was in negotiations for a remake of the classic movie ‘Twelve from the gallows’ 1967. The original film was based on EM Nathanson’s 1965 best-seller which was inspired by soldiers of the Second World War from real life who ventured into enemy territories. It focused on a group of prisoners who became Army commandos only to embark on what would surely be a suicide mission. Now they want the version to be more modern and have a style like that of Fast and Furious.

The remake of Twelve of the Gallows will be like the Fast and Furious saga

In a recent interview David Ayer commented on details of the film:

“I think ‘Twelve from the Gallows’ is an opportunity for a great collective action franchise. I will have a character really solid main, and I see it in the vein of the Mission Impossible movies, or the franchise Fast and Furious, for which I wrote the first one. It’s like anything, you build an amazing family of characters, and then you see them bounce off each other and go crazy. “

Also ask if it was scary to take something like that and put it today:

“I think it is open and exciting. For me, World War II is the Holy War. To make a funnier, more comical version of that war, I don’t think I can pull it off. But absolutely, I can make that present day, and have that fun, anarchy and debauchery, and have characters modern with incredible diversity and real voices ”.

The original 1967 film ‘Twelve from the Gallows’ starred Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson and John Cassavetes. The story is about Major Reisman (Lee Marvin) who gathers a group of dangerous criminals and turns them into an elite military team. Something like Suicide Squad from DC Comics.

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