The photo of Cameron Diaz most praised by his fans: “With wrinkles and without filters or surgeries”

Few Hollywood celebrities face the passage of time without embracing the benefits of plastic surgery. The rebellion and spontaneity that characterizes Cameron Diaz makes her immune to what they will say and thus it boasts its beauty without hiding the traces left by time.

After more than 20 years of artistic career, she decided to move away from that world that led her to the pinnacle of fame on the big screen.

Dedicating herself to being a mother and a home life was her greatest choice, the one that kept her happy and in which she was able to find everything that she had put aside.

The co-star of the popular film “Charlie’s Angels” surprised her fans by posing with her friend Drew Barrymore, in a photo that was praised for its naturalness.

Cameron Diaz’s wrinkles that earned praise

Finding a face without the tricks that Instagram offers with its countless filters is difficult on a famous woman. And if you add to that that it has not undergone the sudden changes that many plastic surgeries leave behind, it is a complete treasure. And with all those points, Cameron Diaz rose in a beautiful photograph.

The photo of the complicity of good friends garnered countless compliments from fans, who appreciated the choice of naturalness and sincerity that both artists preferred to show.

“The best time with my best friend Poo Poo,” wrote the beautiful 46-year-old actress at the bottom of the photo caption when referring to the nickname as they affectionately call each other. Cameron was seen with the expressions typical of the years, the wrinkles that usually appear on the forehead and around the eyes.

The actress wore an outfit that enhanced the blue of her eyes, with a “total black” look of trousers with a fine belt and a long-sleeved sweater. Accessorizing with cheery turquoise and gold necklaces, she added color to her outfit.

While Barrymore preferred a dress in patterned red, which wore a dense flower in red fabric with a black center. Although both wore makeup on the chart, they did not use gadgets to hide their skin or wrinkles.

At 49, Cameron retains her overwhelming beauty and a streamlined figure that makes her an elegant and sophisticated woman with an alluring presence of energy. As the Daily Mail put it, the friends received the praise for “Embrace your age gracefully.”

The fans did not hide being delighted with the postcard, to witness that the famous showed their faces as they are, aging naturally and without depending on the filters offered by Instagram.

The comments turned to praise and applaud the beauty of both actresses for their way of facing the years: “I love this, beauty without filters and enhancers. This is what the networks need the most ”; “Precious, I love how you are embracing your age with grace”; “Can I thank you for not editing this photo too much?”

Others spoke of the famous “cosmetic touches”: “It’s heartwarming to see them both age gracefully. Two of my favorites!”, And “So beautiful! They have aged gracefully without a ton of plastic surgery. “

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