the next 10 series that have caught our attention the most

‘La Brea’

‘La Brea’ | NBC

That we like a catastrophe. In ‘La Brea’ it is not a tornado, nor an alien invasion, nor a virus. The adventure begins with a huge hole in downtown Los Angeles, sucking everything in its path, including hundreds of people. But, beware, those who fell are in a primitive, mysterious and dangerous land, where they have no choice but to make pineapple to survive. Logically, on the surface the rest of the world wonders what happened. It will be a family, devastated by events, which will have to figure out how to open a way back. In the cast, Natalie Zea (‘Justified’).

‘The Thing About Pam’

Following in the footsteps of other Oscar-winning actresses such as Nicole Kidman (‘Big Little Lies’) or Kate Winslet (‘Mare of Easttown’), Renée Zellweger will star in her own crime-based series. After the failed ‘Dilemma’, the actress will play Pam Hupp, a woman who was accused of several murders that at first seemed unrelated. ‘The Thing About Pam’ adapts one of the most popular sagas told in the NBC program ‘Dateline’ since several investigations uncovered that what looked like a murder in self-defense was hiding a Machiavellian plan. Behind the miniseries is the production company Blumhouse, specializing in horror movies and series.

‘Grand Crew’

'Grand Crew'
‘Grand Crew’ | NBC

Do you miss ‘Friends’? Maybe this is the bet that gets us as excited as with the guys from Central Perk. The friend comedy ‘Grand Crew’ will once again show us that everything is better done as a team. Change New York for Los Angeles, but the essence is the same. Talented young people willing to take over the world, suffering the ups and downs of love and finding in their favorite bar (this time specialized in wines) a corner in which to share their joys and frustrations. The best: one of its creators is Phil Augusta Jackson, creator of the outrageous ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’, which will say goodbye in summer with its eighth season. In the cast: Nicole Byer, nominated for an Emmy as host of ‘Niquelao!’

‘The Super Chicks’

The new Powerpuff Girls
The new Powerpuff Girls | The CW

Animation’s “Charlie’s Angels” are made of flesh and blood in the imagination of Diablo Cody (‘United States of Tara’). Now they are not preschool girls but disillusioned twentysomethings who use their superpowers to fight crime. Chloe Bennet (‘Agents of Shield’) will put all her rage on the trio, as Petal, to whom a repressed childhood trauma manifests itself in the form of anxiety; Dove Cameron (‘The Descendants’, also appeared in ‘Agents of Shield’) as Bubble, the girl who conquered everyone in her childhood with her sweetness now hides an unexpected toughness, and Yana Perrault, as Cactus, the rebellious girl and more sensitive than it seemed, now trying to go unnoticed. The archenemy of the girls also changes in this live-action reboot of the animated series from the 90s: the villain will no longer be the chimpanzee Mojo Jojo but his son, played by Nicholas Podany (‘Doctor in Alabama’).

‘Those wonderful years’

We continue with one foot in nostalgia. At the end of the 80s Kevin Arnold, played by Fred Savage, remembered his childhood as an adult in ‘Those Wonderful Years’. Set in the late 1960s, the boy recounted those turbulent years of change and freedom. This reboot of the legendary series also travels to that interesting decade, this time with a middle-class black family from Montgomery, Alabama. Dean (Elisha Williams, ‘Bingo and Rolly’) is now the imaginative 12-year-old boy who is remembering with the wisdom of his maturity those memories still full of hope, showing with humor how together with his family he found those “wonderful years” in an uncertain time. The patriarch is Dulé Hill (‘Psych’) and Don Cheadle (‘Black Monday’) voices adult Dean. The series is produced by Lee Daniels (‘The United States against Billie Holiday’) and Savage himself.

‘CSI: Las Vegas’

'CSI: Las Vegas'
‘CSI: Las Vegas’ | CBS

Actor William Petersen is a television veteran whose professional life changed in 2000 with a franchise set to become a worldwide phenomenon. For almost a decade, Petersen sneaked into homes around the world playing Gil Grissom, the head of a crime division in Las Vegas who did not miss one. Later he would be replaced by Laurence Fishburne and Ted Danson and although he made a cameo it was never the same without him. Therefore, there is maximum expectation among fans with this reboot of the iconic series. The new team is led by Maxine Roby (Paula Newsome, ‘Chicago Med’) who will have the help of Grissom and two other of his past cronies: his wife and workaholic Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) and his colleague, the skilled lab technician David Hodges (Wallace Langham). Both actors remained on the series until it was canceled in 2015.


A great cast for this dramedia in which three women will have to deal with the death of their best childhood friend. Convinced that it could have happened to any of them, they will desperately try to take advantage of every last second of their days. The result?

That their impulsive decisions and reckless wishes, while strengthening their relationship, could also actually ruin their lives. With Eliza Coupe (‘Happy Endings’), as Amy, trying to be a better mother; Ginnifer Goodwin (‘Why Women Kill’), as Jodie, forcing herself into impossible jeans, and Maggie Q (‘Designated Successor’), as Sarah, a doctor willing to change jobs to avoid dealing closely with death . The screenwriter is Liz Astrof (‘The Conners’, ‘Two girls with no money’).


Among the animated proposals of the next season highlights the new comedy by Dan Harmon, creator of the crazy ‘Community’ (2009-2015) and the influential ‘Rick and Morty’ (2013-2021). ‘Krapopolis’ is set in Ancient Greece and starring, how could it be less, by a dysfunctional family of humans, gods and monsters that will try to rule one of the world’s first cities without killing each other. Harmon’s new series will be the first animated series created entirely with Blockchain, the revolutionary technology that eliminates the middle man and puts the user in control, allowing fans to directly engage with social experiences and reward them for their loyalty. with digital products, such as GIFs, NFTs (the digital version of a tangible product) or tokens (digital assets) specially designed for collectors …


‘4400’ | CBS

Among the new adaptations, this one of ‘Los 4,400’ (2004-2007) stands out, which in its day was one of the first fictions to recreate the disappearance of a group of people and their subsequent return without an apparent rational explanation. In its remake, and as it happened in the original, a total of 4,400 people who have been ignored, undervalued or marginalized and who disappeared without a trace during the last 100 years suddenly reappear, without having aged

and without remembering what happened to them. The unusual event leads, on the one hand, the government to analyze the possibility of a potential threat and to contain the story. On the other, those 4,400 respawns will have to grapple with the fact that they may have been returned with some variations, including the likelihood that they have all returned now for a specific reason. In the cast, Joseph David-Jones (‘Arrow’, ‘Nashville’). Directed by Erica Watson (‘David Makes Man’).

‘Women of the Movement’

This is a moving story and vital to understanding how the civil rights movement originated in America as we know it today. In 1955, Emmett Till, a 14-year-old black boy, was kidnapped and cruelly murdered in Mississippi after allegedly offending a white woman, a cashier at a grocery store. Two brothers were tried for the crime and acquitted by a white jury who seemed unconcerned about the brutal fatal beating of the minor. His mother, Mamie Till-Mobley, would risk her own life from then on to find justice, as the brothers would admit months later to murdering the boy. The case lived on thanks to Mamie, who toured the country giving talks and raising awareness about the injustices committed against blacks in the south of the country. Adrienne Warren plays the lead in this six-episode biopic produced by, among others, Will Smith and singer Jay-Z.