The motorcycle, the irresistible passion of the famous actor

Perhaps because of his turbulent childhood – his father, imprisoned for drug trafficking, abandoned him when he was three years old and the young Keanu changed his residence and family based on each of his mother’s three failed marriages – Keanu Reeves has opted for a life away from the “glamor” of Hollywood once it reached maturity.

He lives most of the year in a relatively simple apartment – given his economic possibilities – in New York and it is not uncommon to see him travel by subway through the city of skyscrapers. The only private planes in which he flies are those made available to him by the production companies to travel to the filming and when he is in Los Angeles he lives in a house with two bedrooms, three bathrooms, a swimming pool and a small garage valued “only” at 5 million dollars, about 4.1 million euros approximately.

Keanu Reeves has chosen a life away from the “glamor” of Hollywood once he reached maturity

The amount is astronomical for any mortal who is not a movie, song or football star, but it is actually very modest by Hollywood standards. Jeff Bezos has just acquired a mansion in the same area for a whopping 165 million dollars (135.4 million euros), the nearby home of Oprah Winfrey – the most famous presenter on American television – is valued at 100 (82 million euros) and that of Beyoncé, at 88 (72.1 million euros). And if we look at the east coast, Sting – the singer of Police – paid for his New York apartment a whopping 66 million dollars (54.2 million euros).

Compared with these figures, therefore, the 5 million of Reeves’ Californian home seem almost anecdotal, especially if we take into account that the protagonist of The Matrix is ​​calculated a fortune close to 350 million dollars, the equivalent of 287 million in euros.

The 1969 Volvo Amazon 122 was Keanu Reeves’ first car and ultimately one of his favorites


Impressive supercars are not kept in his garage either, and his only two known cars of ownership are two classic models: a 1969 Volvo Amazon 122 that Reeves loves because it was his first car and which he has restored several times to its original condition; and a 1993 Porsche 911 Carrera 4, which he uses only to attend motorsport and classic racing events.

With no castles of his own on exotic islands, no 50-room mansions or compulsive absurd shopping a la Nicholas Cage, Reeves leads a fairly austere public life for what is usual among movie megastars, but … what do you spend on then money the man who gave life to John Wick, Constantine or Neo? Well, essentially in fueling his only and almost uncontrollable passion: motorcycles.

Keanu Reeves Nico Terol

Reeves was able to enjoy a few laps on the Vyrus 987 at the Cheste circuit with former World Cup driver Nico Terol

Circuit Ricardo Tormo

The Canadian actor of Lebanese origin learned to ride a motorcycle relatively late, at the age of 22, during a shoot in Munich and from the hand of one of the stuntmen who worked on the film. Reeves was immediately hooked and right back to Los Angeles he bought his first machine, a Kawasaki 600 Enduro, which was followed a year later by an impressive 1973 Norton Commando 850 MK2A, one of his favorites.

With them began a collection of motorcycles that the actor maintains and grows with care and in which, among other exclusive rarities, the original Ducati 998 used in Matrix Reloaded or an alien Vyrus 987, made to order in Italy by Ascanio Rodorigo and considered the lightest high-performance motorcycle in the world -with only 154 kilos for its 211 hp, it offers a weight / power ratio higher than a MotoGP- and whose price is around the 75,000 euros. It was with that machine precisely that he was riding on the Ricardo Tormo de Cheste circuit at the wheel of the World Cup winner Nico Terol.

Arch Motorcycle, the legacy

But the actor was not satisfied with owning an enviable collection of models, but in 2011 he teamed up with one of the most prestigious engineers and trainers in the United States, Gard Hollinger – whom he met four years earlier when he was looking for someone to customize his Harley Davidson. Dyna Wide Glide- to build his own motorcycle brand and found Arch Motorcycle in Hawtorne, California, the epicenter of American custom car and motorcycle culture.

The financial backing of Keanu Reeves has allowed the company to survive during the crisis but it is a personal matter for him; He wants to make his mark on the motorcycle world and Arch is that legacy.

In 2011 Reeves founded the Arch Motorcycle company, dedicated to the artisanal creation of high-performance motorcycles

In 2011 Reeves founded the Arch Motorcycle company, dedicated to the artisanal creation of high-performance motorcycles

Arch Motorcycle

They build luxury motorcycles – the minimum price of their most economical model, the KRGT 1, is around 70,000 euros – from super-powered V-Twin engines and with high-quality materials. They currently market three models: the aforementioned KRGT 1, the ARCH 1S and the METHOD 143, all powered by a huge 2,050 cc V-twin. Around 200 parts of each motorcycle are handcrafted at Arch’s facilities, all in titanium, aluminum or carbon fiber, and the seats and other ergonomic elements are tailored for each client. For the rest of the pieces they have agreements with names like Ohlins, BST, S & S or Rizoma

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In its country of origin, Arch Motorcycle has managed to gain a foothold in a segment, that of custom made-to-measure motorcycles, which is a very minority in Europe but which moves a lot of money in the US and even stars in “docurealities”. The pandemic has delayed the expansion to Europe that Reeves himself already announced at the 2017 EICMA Milan Show but that the brand wants to recover as much as possible and for which it has already allied itself with another prestigious name in the Old Continent: the chassis manufacturer and engine preparer Suter.