The Mitchell family vs the machines: an unmissable gem

Lately animated films lack that particular touch to be remembered through the years, there is no longer so much effort to recreate those sensations that classics generate us as Toy Story o la Ice Age. Fortunately, the incredible The Mitchell family vs the machines, one of the best animation proposals in recent years.

Katie is a misfit girl who finds it hard to be understood by others, so she has sought refuge in the world of cinema since she was a child. Years later, he manages to enter a film school and means his exit pass to get away from his family, especially his father, who is a man of the old guard who does not trust technology. Seeing that Katie will be leaving soon, her dad, in a desperate attempt to reconnect with his Katie, decides to make a road trip along with the other members of the Mitchell family. What they did not tell is that just on that trip an apocalypse was going to be unleashed by the machines, so the trip is now a mission to save humanity.

Although the story unfolds through common places and from time to time it resorts to easy jokes, it is funny, its humor is suitable for the whole family, more than one will feel identified with the hilarious problems of the Mitchells, from the simplest like using a computer, even the most complex like overthrowing an artificial intelligence.

Not only is its well-executed and funny comedy that makes this animation great, it is also its story with various messages, such as appreciating the sacrifices that our loved ones make to see us happy, the importance of having your family at all times, such as not limiting our personality to meet the expectations of others or the saturation of technological advances that prevent us from appreciating the present, which are well used and manage to make the film even more endearing.

All these teachings that the film gives us are thanks to the incredible script they had, it seems that they managed to perfectly recreate the daily life and personalities of all the members of a family from dialogues and particular situations, the connection with the characters is genuinely and truly there will be no situation in the film with which they do not feel identified.

Animation is another aspect that makes the experience even cooler, since it is a delight to witness how they play with different types of animation, in addition to the fact that the colors make the scenarios through which the Mitchells unfold look more impressive and causes that we can’t take our eyes off the screen.

The cast of voices in English is very varied, they are comical as Danny McBride or the television presenter Conan O’Brien, even the charismatic and award-winning Olivia Colman, who steals the movie by giving voice to the villainous Pal, the artificial intelligence that seeks to get rid of humans and create a world only for machines.

The Mitchell family vs the machines It is a very enjoyable animated film suitable for the whole family, it is funny, entertaining, moving and realistic, it achieves its mission of being an ideal option to have a good time and laugh out loud. If or if it should be a contender for next year’s Oscars for best animation, I even nominate it as one of the best films of the year.

Advance of The Mitchell family vs the machines