‘The Mask’: 10 behind-the-scenes images with Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz

It has been 27 years since ‘The mask’ reached the big screen, a film with which Cameron Diaz debuted and placed Jim Carrey as one of the most sought-after actors; And taking advantage of its premiere on Netflix, here we leave you behind the scenes.

What were you doing in 1994? This was the year The Mask hit the big screen, turning Jim Carrey in one of the most sought-after actors of the moment and featuring Cameron Diaz as the future promise of Hollywood. This Oscar-nominated film for Best Visual Effects, is based on the comics created by Doug Mahnke and John Arcudi published by Dark Horse Comics as a series between 1991 and 1995, acquaintances for its graphic violence and the powers that a mysterious mask gave its wearers.

It will never be a bad idea to revive this 90s film that also featured the participation of Peter Riegert, Peter Greene, Amy Yasbeck and Richard Jeni; And taking advantage of the fact that it is currently among the most viewed content on Netflix in Mexico, we will present you with 15 behind-the-scenes images. So Sit back and enjoy this gallery that will show you an aspect that you may not have known about this classic.

The mask

The mask

1h 40min

Directed by
Chuck Russell

Jim Carrey,
Cameron Diaz,
Peter Greene,
Peter Riegert,
Amy Yasbeck


The director and his protagonists

We start with a picture of the director, Chuck Russell, Accompanied by Cameron Diaz and Jim Carrey. Behind him is the set that was used for the first meeting between the actors.

Blue screen

It was 1994 and movies were already using colored backgrounds to create all kinds of scenarios in post-production and The mask It was no exception, hence the Oscar nomination for Best Visual Effects.

Animation of ‘The mask’

It should be noted that although the film was released 27 years ago, the special effects were quite good. This is how the equipment with which the modelers worked in The mask.

Jim Carrey makeup

The makeup process for The mask It was more than four hours because they had to put several layers of prosthetics on the protagonist, Jim Carrey.

Camera tests

So were the tests in front of the camera Cameron Diaz and the rest of the protagonists, which took place weeks before filming. Does everyone agree that Cameron is perfect?

Bulging eyes

Do you remember the scene where The mask make fun of your neighbor’s expression? This image portrays how that animation was created.

Action doubles

Did you think that the protagonists danced like professionals? You lived deceived! The dance scene between The mask (Jim Carrey) and Tina (Cameron Diaz) was performed with stuntmen.

Mask dance

This behind-the-scenes image of The mask, shows Jim Carrey doing some tests in front of a blue screen.

Ss Esss magnífico!

Jim Carrey used a false denture, which resembles the smile design that celebrities currently undergo. Do you know anyone who has teeth like The mask?

Attentive to the mark on the clapperboard

And of course the characteristic image of the protagonists waiting for the clapperboard mark could not be missing. Thank you Jim Carrey for gifting us this great movie!