‘The Mallorca files’, a new showcase for the island

Who misses series like Castle, Bones O The mentalist, with a leading couple and a sexual tension to solve by investigating criminal cases that allow the viewer to play detectives in the style of Agatha Christie, today it arrives on the Cosmo channel The Mallorca files. A series to which we must add two more attractions: it bears the BBC stamp and, as the title progresses, the island of Mallorca becomes its third protagonist, since it is the natural and ideal setting for a fiction that, in addition, it opens in Spain two weeks into the summer.

This police drama features an opposing pair of detectives, Miranda Blake (played by Welsh Elen Rhys), a methodical, obsessive, workaholic, competitive, introverted British detective who is used to following the rules, and her German counterpart. Max Winter (played by the Austrian Julian Looman), with a rather particular approach that is based on following his instincts, often with little interest in the process, whose main objective is to enjoy life (especially that offered by Mallorca) and that he has a different concept of what it is to work. As he already teaches his new partner Miranda in the first episode, the workday begins with a coffee on a terrace in the sun.

The series has multiple references, from ‘Bones’ to ‘Crime in paradise’ and even from the iconic series of the eighties, ‘Moonlight’

The Mallorca files, which has also been compared to another of Cosmo’s hit series, such as the veteran Crime in paradise, is a light series, easy to watch and with a retro feel partly fueled by a refreshing soundtrack. For its creator Dan Shefton, the series has an atmosphere reminiscent of the humor, sensuality and wit of Moonlight, the iconic series that Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis starred in in the eighties.

And although the sexual tension between the two protagonists will be one of the main incentives to continue the series, Shefton recognizes that one of the initial objectives he was looking for with The Mallorca files it was to update the relationship between the British and the Germans and change stereotypes. And Mallorca, which is an island loved by both nationalities, was the best destination to explore that.

The first season of the series consists of ten episodes


The series avoids falling into the stereotypes of drunken tourism (although there are some references), of bachelor parties and of the British sunburned. The Mallorca files it’s much more glamorous and focuses on the island’s beauty rather than beer, from its great beaches or inland vineyards to its luxurious villas and dreamy yachts. And although it is not its main objective, it can become a new showcase and tourist attraction in the midst of the recovery of the sector due to the pandemic.