The letter sent to Reyes Maroto contained a CD with an intrigue film from the 1940s

One of the CDs that hid the bloody razor from the threatening letter sent to the Minister of Industry, Reyes Maroto, is from ‘When Strangers Marry’, a 1944 movie in which a woman suspects that her new husband may be a murderer, sources of the investigation have reported.

Tape, directed by William Castle and interpreted by Dean Jagger, Robert Mitchum and Kim Hunter, among others, it was titled in Spanish ‘Two strangers are getting married’.

Police identify who sent the knife to Maroto: a man with mental problems

Roberto R. Ballesteros

The Police have already identified the alleged author of the letter; It is about a neighbor of El Escorial (Madrid) with psychiatric problems who had put his real name and address on the envelope.

The Examining court number 13 de Plaza de Castilla in Madrid has taken over the investigation of this shipment.

Meanwhile, the Scientific Police is investigating whether there is a connection between this letter and the other three containing bullets and that they were sent last Thursday to the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska; to the director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, and the former vice president of the Government and candidate of Podemos to the community of Madrid, Pablo Iglesias.

Maroto’s letter arrived at the Ministry on Friday afternoon in a padded brown envelope and it was delivered on Monday morning to his secretary, who opened it and notified the head of security, as explained by the minister herself, that detailed that it was “camouflaged” and it had a plastic that made it impossible to see what was underneath.