The iconic kiss of Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz that is giving something to talk about: PHOTO

Due to the pandemic that is experienced at the moment Because of COVID-19, millions of people have changed their lifestyle, and this concerns home isolation, so since the crisis arrived sanitary, people are older quantities time at home.

And precisely because of the new terms of life that has generated social distancing, people consume more content through streaming platforms and social networks, and under it panorama is that Jim Carrey has recently come up for conversation by the internet users.

In this regard, it is worth remembering that Jim Carrey for more than 10 years topped the top list of comedies audience favorites at the level international, this due to its versatility when interpreting all kinds of characters on the big screen, thus achieving two gold balloons for their efforts and distinguished way of doing comedy.

An iconic kiss

And precisely under the opportunity to spend more time in social media, recently users have revived a iconic famous moment actor.

However, the leading role is not only Jim Carrey, because he kissed with another actress who is at his height or who even currently surpasses him in fame, and it is about Cameron Diaz.

It was in the year 1994 that one of the most iconic films of all the movies was released. time, and it is “The mask” itself that has had various pastiches in the world of pop culture, in addition to the fact that in various creations you can find references to this movie.

Let’s remember that in this film we can see an excellent performance by both actors, who in turn had great chemistry, worthy of a history of love epic.

In this sense, Jim Carrey may have found a lasting friendship with Cameron Diaz, but ended up finding a romance with another on-screen love interest with another woman, and it’s about Lauren Holly, who conquered Carrey’s heart even though he and Cameron were seen many times together outside the reflectors of the recording set.

In this sense, the photograph of the iconic kiss of Carrey and Diaz has been revived in networks, which only remains as a witness of what could be a beautiful relationship.