The hooligan and punk past of Oscar Isaac before Star Wars and Marvel

At the moment, Oscar Isaac is at the top. After passing through Star Wars, the popular Guatemalan-American actor prepares his jump to the Marvel Universe, where we will see him as the superhero Moon Knight in his own Disney + series. His upward trajectory in Hollywood has placed him as one of the most requested and admired actors on the current scene, something that can be corroborated with a simple search on social networks, where fans profess passionate admiration for him on a daily basis.

Precisely those fans are the ones who uncovered not long ago the actor’s past before he became a star. And he is not hiding either. But don’t worry, this is not a dark secret or a reason to cancel it, but something much more innocent: his past as a hooligan student and his days as a punk guitarist. Are you ready to see Oscar Isaac with blue hair in full nineties regression?

LONDON, ENGLAND – DECEMBER 18: Oscar Isaac attends the European premiere of “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” at Cineworld Leicester Square on December 18, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Disney)

We all change. No person is the same as his version of twenty or thirty years ago. And celebrities are no exception. Oscar Isaac is now sweeping the cinema as one of the most desired modern gallants of the moment, but he also went through a hooligan and experimental phase. And there are documents to prove it. We already know that with the internet, nothing stays buried forever.

But first of all, let’s start at the beginning. ├ôscar Isaac Hern├índez Estrada was born in Guatemala in 1979. To a Cuban father, Guatemalan mother and French maternal grandmother, he grew up with his parents and two brothers in Miami, in a very Christian evangelical family. In this strict and religious environment, the young Oscar did not take long to rebel, constantly getting into trouble during the school years.

He himself has told that He was a very problematic student and they even expelled him from the private Christian school in which he studied, because of his frequent shenanigans: he rampaged in class, emptied a fire extinguisher in the gym, smashed a mural, wrote swear words on the library stairs, and did other “stupid” antics “Of boys”, as he defines them. Even his teacher had to put a piece of cardboard in front of the table to protect himself in the classroom. But the last straw was a home invasion. Oscar jumped with a friend the wall that separated the school from the neighboring private ranch, where they found exotic animals that they touched without permission. The result was a complaint from the owner and the consequent expulsion of Isaac.

His parents’ reaction was as expected: they flew into a rage and planned to send him to boarding school. However, the arrival of Hurricane Andrew changed everything. In August 1992, one of the most destructive tropical cyclones to hit the United States occurred, devastating thousands of homes, including Isaac’s. Faced with such a catastrophe, the family had to move to Palm Beach (also in Florida), where Oscar began attending a public school. Paradoxically, the opposite of what his parents had planned for him.

There, far from continuing to explore his more problematic side, he began to learn music and became more and more serious and formal, according to himself. And this is where we come to his time as a musician, a professional career that could have given him a future very different from the one we know.

In music, Oscar found the perfect way to channel the anger and nonconformity he felt as a teenager. At just 15 years old, he joined the Florida ska-punk band The Worms, where he played the guitar. According to his friends, his talent with this instrument was so great that he knew well could have become the next Bob Dylan or Joe Strummer -Member of the mythical British band The Clash. His childhood friend, Floyd Kelley, defines him as a “poet”, What “Someone from another time” what “I would not have had the ego for the current music industry, but I did have the talent” (The Sun).

In the following video you can see him during a performance of the band in a bar, where we can see the sheer energy and guitar talent of the teenage Oscar, very young and dressed in an attire very characteristic of the style ska (musical movement that lived an ephemeral revival and splendor in the 90s). Definitely far removed from the current image we have of him.

His musical career began to gain momentum in those years. During the 90s, Isaac was part of other ska bands (Petrified Frogs, Closet Heterosexuals) until reaching The Blinking Underdogs, with which he enjoyed local success. The thing seemed to be serious, to the point of opening for The Mighty, Mighty Bosstones and Green Day, but the band broke up in 2001, when Isaac left for New York to study acting at the prestigious Juilliard School (NME). For a moment, success in the music industry seemed like a possibility, but his vocation as an actor put him on another path.

Of course, we will always have the graphic documents attesting to the existence of Oscar Isaac with blue hair and blonde goatee, a look so from the late 90s and early 2000s that it is worth rescuing to remember that everyone, even the biggest movie stars, has a teenage past.

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Although he left his promising career as a guitarist to seek another future, Isaac did not completely abandon music. In fact, in the movie that put him on the map in 2013, About Llewyn Davis, play a musician, proving that he was as good at folk as punk. Although he fell short of an Oscar nomination, his performance in the Coen brothers’ film was universally acclaimed and opened the doors of Hollywood wide for him.

Since then, he has not wasted the opportunity, nor the time. He has displayed his talents as a dramatic actor in film and television with titles such as The most violent year, The two faces of January O the miniseries Show Me a Hero, has done the Netflix round with Final Operation and the action thriller of Triple Frontier –where he shared a poster with his great friend and another of the Internet favorites, Pedro Pascal- and has participated in more experimental proposals such as Ex_Machina Y Annihilation. And the best thing is that has managed to combine all these facets with massive success in Hollywood blockbusters.

After his (failed) stint as a villain in X-Men: Apocalipsis, Isaac reached for the stars as Poe Dameron in the new trilogy of Star Wars, the role that has catapulted him to the next level of world fame. And right now, he is recording the Marvel series Moon Knight, in which he will play the superhero with dissociative identity disorder Moon Knight, alongside Ethan Hawke. The online celebration for having Oscar Isaac in the MCU was thunderous.

But it is not the only large-scale project in which he is involved, since by the end of the year we will have it in the new version of Dune directed by Denis Villeneuve and will soon take on the role of Solid Snake in the long-awaited adaptation of the famous video game Metal Gear Solid, a dream come true for both him and his fans. Not forgetting the next HBO miniseries Secrets of a marriage, remake of the Ingmar Bergman classic starring with Jessica Chastain.

Oscar Isaac has left his past as a troublemaker and punk rebel far behind, and now he triumphs as a gentleman of cinema, a benchmark of elegance and a flagship actor, raising sighs wherever he goes. We will never know if he would have achieved success in the music industry, but there is no doubt that by choosing film took the right path and we all came out winning.

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