The guitar factory of world stars is hidden in a town in Alicante

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This is a story of love and passion, because one without the other must go hand in hand for a happy ending. Only in this way is it understood the success of a small Alicante company that rubs shoulders with the greats of the world music scene from his factory / house located in Gata de Gorgos, a municipality of 6,000 inhabitants behind Jávea.

To know the origin of Guitarras Bros we have to go back a few decades before its birth, in 1974. Herminia Monroy and Francisco Broseta were two teenagers who worked in different guitar houses in the province of Valencia.

She was specializing in the art of varnishing and finishing the instrument; he. in the manufacture of the structure of the guitar. Their companies “were temporarily united,” explains one of their grandsons, Adam, and they, at 15, they fell in love and they were united forever, as they say.

Later, in 1969, when man climbed to the moon, they went down from Valencia to Gata de Gorgos, where turned their two-story country cottage “in the middle of nowhere” into a craft workshop of about 300 square meters. Upstairs, next to the booth and the varnishing area, Herminia still lives.

Francisco Broseta (son), in his workshop.

Her husband, on the other hand, died in 2004, leaving the legacy to his son Francisco Broseta, with whom the business took a turn, going from working the basic and commercial guitar that he sold door to door, to growing with an eye on quality and design.

Precisely last 2004, it could not have been more bittersweet because it is also the year in which the prestigious magazine The Guitarist I granted them the award for the best guitar for its model B40 (Spanish classical), made with materials from India and Honduras, among others.

Renowned artists

A) Yes, the doors of the international market have finished opening after that, a year before his death, Francisco Broseta and Melendi They created in the workshop the first personalized guitar (with the mouth of the instrument in the shape of marijuana) in which the Asturian leap to fame. “This guitar marked a before and after for us because until then the customization of the instrument only consisted of putting the name or some detail,” says Adam.

Melendi with her 'de maría' guitar.

Melendi with her ‘de maría’ guitar.

Death befell Francisco four years ago, and with him came the third generation of luthiers, having achieved their dream of placing their parents’ brand as a synonym for custom-made and handcrafted instrument. An effort that was possible thanks to the alliance formed with numerous artists and celebrities who have been ordering their guitars from him: The Black Eyed Peas, Alejandro Sanz, Joaquín Sabina, India Martínez, Pablo Alborán, Luis Fonsi. Without forgetting that the program El Hormiguero has played their personalized guitars actors such as Tom Hanks, Rossell Crowe, Jeremy Irons o Will Smith, besides singers like Carla Bruni, Ed Sheeran And a long etcetera.

Although the main “pride” of this company is to have had in the workshop Amy Winehouse. “Her father brought her here because she was having a bad time drugs and with a separation and she needed to be distracted “, Adam explains. In Gata de Gorgos, the British singer chose her guitar with which she wrote the lyrics of what would be the album that soon after consecrated her (and that ultimately ended with her), Back to Black. “I have a lot of relationship with his father by mail, and once he told me that ours was his favorite guitar, the one that was stolen when he died when they entered his house, along with other belongings that were going to be auctioned,” says Adam.

As if that were not enough with this notoriety achieved, this guitar factory will soon hit the big screen. On July 23, ‘El Cover’ will be released in theaters, the film with which the well-known actor of ‘Aida’ Secun de la Rosa makes his debut as director and in which “guitars have an important role”, advances this businessman.

With the Covid

In this workshop, the third generation continues to make the most recognized guitars in the purest artisan style, made with exotic materials and carved by hand. And the Covid crisis has done nothing but increase “enormously” orders, explains Adam Broseta, who together with his brothers David and Juan, and his aunt Amparo and Oriol are currently in charge of the business.

“As people have been more confined at home, many have thought that it was time to play the guitar and what they had saved in hotels and going out, as they destined it to this instrument,” says Adam.

A) Yes, have gone from increasing the waiting list from 3 to 8 months, spending about two months to finish each guitar (whose average price is around 700 euros), adding a total of about 110 per quarter. “If it were for our clients we would make thousands, but we prefer to say no to certain proposals because our line is quality by above the quantity, “continues this 35-year-old luthier, who has been soaking up the family business since adolescence.

To all this, do you play the guitar? We asked him. “My father played the guitar like us, medium level, but no, we are not Paco de Lucía as people may believe,” he answers.

An artist that you would like to have the guitar? “There is one who has already had it, Will Smith. We had to give it to him because my father had died a little earlier and we know that he would have liked to give it to him very much. And personally I would like him to Eric Clapton had a guitar of ours. ”