The grossest mistakes in cinema: from the car in “Braveheart” to the fake baby in “Sniper”

“You create the world of your dream. You lead the subject to that dream and you fill it with its secrets “. The phrase is part of the explanation given by the character of Cobb, played by Leonardo Dicaprio in the movie The origin, about your system to get into the depths of other people’s minds. It also works as the spirit of its director, Christopher Nolan, to understand cinema: a space in which a filmmaker hypnotizes the audience with his ideas.

In that display of mixed images, films are exposed for viewers’ consideration. If for some reason, something should go wrong, there will always be a mark. With different levels, this is what happens to the fragments of films that are selected in this article. There are camera confusion, seconds of performances to be forgotten, objects placed where they shouldn’t be and unusual bloopers.

The car in “Brave Heart”

Mel Gibson was consecrated at the top of Hollywood in 1995 with the film Brave Heart. He won 5 Oscars, including those for director, film, cinematography, sound effects and makeup. The story of William Wallace, the Scotsman who fights against English domination, became one of the most important fictions of the decade.

A car appears in the left corner of the screen in a scene from “Braveheart.” (Photo: Paramount)

But apart from the excellence of the film, there is an unusual error that appears in loop as soon as there is video about cinematic confusion on the Internet. In one of the many battle sequences in the production temporarily set in the 14th century, he appears on the side of the screen for two seconds. a parked car.

The extra that sweeps the air in “Quantum of Solace”

In 2008, Daniel Craig he was having a great time with his work as James Bond. He had made a promising debut as Agent 007 on the hit hit Casino Royale and, the sequel, generated expectation. Beyond its plot, something basic, grotesque and far from the precision in the rhythm of the action of its predecessor, there is a circumstance that left a mark forever on Quantum of Solace.

Daniel Craig, in the scene of the film in which he plays agent James Bond. (Photo: capture)

When the main character is sending a message in a port, behind him is a maintenance man that is “cleaning”. The quotation marks are because, in reality, he does not even touch the ground with his brush: although the fail lasts only a couple of seconds, the extra ruined the scene as It seems like it is sweeping the air and it shows.

The stormtrooper who hits his head in “Star Wars: Episode IV”

The saga of Star Wars It is one of the most important in science fiction cinema. George Lucas created the franchise in the 1970s, started a film production company, changed part of the industry, and later sold it to Disney to retire. In his first film of that universe, Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope one of the bloopers most remembered by fans was left for history.

The exact moment the stormtropper hits his head. (Photo: Lucasfilm / Disney)

The scene is simple: a group of stormtroopers enter the control room of a ship and one of them hits his head on the door. The man who was clad in the suit is called Laurie Goode and, in an interview that The Hollywood Reporter made him in 2017, he said that he was surprised at the time when Lucas left that moment in the final cut.

He explained that he hit himself after not feeling well in his stomach during that morning of filming. “About the fourth take, as I was shuffling my feet, I felt my stomach rumble and, “bang”, I hit my head!”, He specified. Goode further explained that he started talking about it at fan conferences as there was another actor / extra, Michael Leader, who claimed to have been the protagonist of that clumsiness.

The horse kick in “The Last Samurai”

Tom Cruise portrayed Captain Nathan Algren in 2003 for the film The last Samurai, a man overwhelmed by the past of Civil War combat in the United States who ends up fighting for the Japanese.

Tom Cruise’s horse kicked an extra. (Photo: capture)

During a scene from the film directed by Edward Zwick and nominated for four Oscars, Cruise arrives riding his horse in the middle of a group of soldiers. While dismounting, the animal bluntly kicks one of them in the stomach.

The cameraman in “Bad Boys”

The technical teams, many times, also have to avoid appearing in sequences in which, due to the arrangement in the sets, they are very confusing to perform. In 1983 during the film Bad Boys, director Rick Rosenthal shot a scene in which two of the characters are fighting each other.

The film crew snuck into a scene from the 1983 film (Photo: capture)

While Sean Penn, the protagonist, fights starkly with his opponent, for several seconds a cameraman and his assistant are seen in all his physiognomy from the front.

Men in jean in “Indiana Jones” and “Gladiator”

Sometimes, misinterpretation or objects that get onto a screen are not the only thing that interferes with the plausibility of a fiction. There are clear examples of people “out of time” in films that represent moments of the past. Is what happens in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark Y Gladiator.

Harrison Ford in the film in which he plays Indiana Jones and, from behind, a man in jeans. (Photo: capture)

During the two films the same situation occurs: people dressed in clothes appear that are not from the era they represent. In the 1981 Steven Spielberg film, while the character he embodies Harrison Ford sitting in Cairo in 1936, a man is seen walking from behind wearing jeans. Completely untimely.

The cameraman who got into the movie “Gladiator.” (Photo: capture)

Something similar happens in the production starring Russell Crowe in which, during the gladiatorial fights, a cameraman got into the film. The worker looks almost like a spectator of the battles, dressed in a white T-shirt and jeans, next to the extras, who do wear outfits that simulate the time in which it is set, the year 180 after Christ.

The fake baby in “Sniper”

Clint Eastwood made a very drastic decision for his movie Sniper (2014) starring Bradley Cooper. He ordered the actor’s soldier character to wear a fake baby to pretend to be his daughter, in the scene where he argues with his wife.

Bradley Cooper said he couldn’t believe he filmed the sequence with a doll. (Photo: capture)

“I literally couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t understand that we were working with a plastic baby. I was like, ‘This is crazy’”, Commented the protagonist of the film when Ellen DeGeneres interviewed him a few years ago for his talk show.

Why did the director do that? The reason was economic. The first baby that was left at the casting got sick and the second never appeared on set, so, in order not to extend the filming more than necessary, they used a doll, the site details in an article THAT ONE. The movement of Cooper’s finger as he moves the baby’s hand was for history as one of the most extravagant moments in cinema.