the great surprises and disappointments in the nominations of the most important awards on television

Like every year, like every award, it never rains to everyone’s liking. And the case of the 2021 Emmy Award nominations are no exception. Although the general feeling is that this year things are somewhat bland due to the absence of some series (for not being eligible) and due to the accumulation of others, we do have a lot to cut.

So let’s review what I consider the biggest surprises and disappointments of the list of nominees.

‘Emily in Paris’, the neglect of ‘Mythic Quest’ and the renewal of comedy categories

As “Schitt’s Creek” left and there were no clear candidates for his replacement, there has been a curious readjustment in the comedy categories. Such is so of the eight candidates for best series, half are new. And, among them, the inexplicable case of ‘Emily in Paris’, which is probably the worst criticism of the total number of nominees.

The series starring Lily Collins sneaks into the TV academy after her more than suspicious presence in the past Golden Globes. This is a bit of a sign that it is not essential to be good, but to be liked by academics. Something similar happens when a series says goodbye, no matter what happens but it’s very hard not to end up with at least one nomination although for them you have not existed.

On the other hand, It is quite surprising to ignore other brilliant comedies (and more achieved) as is the second season of ‘Mythic Quest’. Well I’m lying, he has a nomination: Anthony Hopkins as narrator of an episode. In case you thought Don Cheadle in ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ ​​seemed cute.

The 17 best comedy series of 2020

The most nominated comedies are the perennial ‘Saturday Night Live’ (21) and the newcomers ‘Ted Lasso’ (20) and ‘Hacks’ (15), which should be the firm candidates to win the Emmy. The second, in fact, is being the comedy that everyone talks about in the United States (it has not arrived in Spain)

The little variety in secondary categories


Well, without looking at the chop: How many series are represented among the 43 performers nominated for best actor / supporting actress? 16. Or what is the same, each series has on average almost three nominees in the corresponding category. This counting on the presence of ‘Hamilton’, the only non-serial fiction that has had a presence in these categories.

I’m a big fan of the filmed version of the musical, but I think it was not necessary to fill in with so many nominees, especially when it is prejudicial to other actors who could have passed the cut.

This accumulation of people from the same series or film – in drama, for example, there seem to be no series other than ‘The Crown’ or ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ – throws tons of monotony into categories that are always very chicha in addition to tupirlas so that people as meritorious as Thuso Mdebu do not enter.

Golden Globes 2021: the plenary session of 'The Crown' is not surprising, the Netflix series had no rival

No site for ‘Small Ax’

Small Axe

And miniseries, there is a rather glaring absence: ‘Small Ax’. Steve McQueen’s movie miniseries has not been well regarded by academics, as his presence has been limited to a nomination for best cinematography (for ‘Mangrove’). It is, directly, a crime that something as excellent as this miniseries has not taken anything else.

It gets weirder still when both best drama and comedy have eight spots, but better Limited Series or Anthology they have stayed with five when the growing presence of the format is clear. Although it is a fascinating category and this year the sea of ​​powerful (I would not know what to choose today), the absence of this, of ‘The woodpecker’ or, if we put ourselves, of ‘It’s a Sin’ is at least eye-catching.

Another absence, this time in drama, is that of “Perry Mason,” easily HBO’s best drama series of the past year. Instead, we have found the surprising eighteen nominations for ‘Lovecraft Territory’ that did not quite convince in their entirety. A somewhat paradoxical entry considering that it does nothing to find out about its cancellation.