The Garraf wine that excited Cameron Diaz

Eating at the Bar Cañete del Raval in Barcelona, ​​actress Cameron Diaz discovered a Xarel·lo del Garraf that excited her. It was the Xarel·lo Pairal de Can Ràfols dels Caus, one of the white icons of the DO Penedès. The San Diego-born star was on a trip visiting French and Spanish producers with his partner Katherine Power, to select wines for his Avaline project. Both were seduced by the “versatility” of Xarel·lo, and its dry and refreshing palate. With Can Ràfols dels Caus he had “love at first sight”, as stated by the export manager of this family winery, Alexandra Manovel. Xarel·lo Pairal “loved it” to the point that they ended up choosing one of the wines from this project for Avaline. It is a xarel lo completed with the Macabeo and Malvasia varieties from Sitges. The news had been kept secret until now.

Actress Cameron Diaz


A well kept secret

The actress and her partner tasted whites focused on autochthonous varieties, mainly made with Xarel lo, and toured an imposing winery carved out of the rock.

Cameron Diaz asked to visit the Avinyonet del Penedès winery, where they were received immediately, on May 9, 2019. They tasted whites focused on autochthonous varieties, mainly made with Xarel·lo, and toured an imposing winery dug into the rock on a thousand-year-old estate. , which surrounds a 17th century farmhouse. And if the Xarel·lo captivated them, the surroundings of the Garraf limestone massif did too. They have a succession of limestone hills near the sea, “where the plants survive in difficult conditions and give rise to high quality wines”

The owner of the winery, Carlos Esteva, admitted that he had not even heard of Cameron Diaz. I hadn’t even seen any of his movies

Its owner, the viticulturist Carlos Esteva, recognized yesterday The vanguard He hadn’t even heard of Cameron Diaz. He hadn’t even seen any of his movies, which he has subsequently corrected. Esteva says that Diaz is “very nice and simple”. He adds that “it did not give me the impression that I was talking to a great star since she does not care about herself.” They tasted wines while chatting about Mediterranean cuisine and culture. The export manager also explains that they tasted in a “relaxed” way, and that Diaz was “very sensitive” to the surroundings of the winery. They also connected due to the fact that many women work in Can Ràfols dels Caus, since Avaline wines have been promoted by two women and their products are consumed mainly by women.

From the winery, founded in 1979, it is stated that when the Californian actress and her partner decided to create the Avaline line of wines, “they were clear that the wineries responsible for making them had to meet the necessary conditions to fit in with the values ​​they defend: transparency, sustainability and minimal intervention are essential characteristics in his idea of ​​clean wines ”. Their products had to be made in a totally ecological way, free of unnecessary additives, suitable for vegans and with a high quality standard. In short, “they wanted to offer the wines that they themselves wanted to drink.”

For now they are available in the United States, but they have plans to distribute them in other countries in the future. Avaline started two years ago in Los Angeles, in the backyard of a fashion entrepreneur Katherine Power’s home. Diaz explained that they wanted to create “a clean wine, full of natural goodness and free of dozens of unwanted and undisclosed extras.”