The former Disney actress, pregnant with her first child

Amanda Bynes was one of the great rising stars of the 2000s. The young American, under the tutelage of the Disney company, starred in youth films such as She is the boy O What a girl wants. When her wake seemed inexhaustible, poor decisions in her life led to a self-destructive spiral of substance abuse and mental health problems. She herself made it clear at the beginning of 2020 that she had a clean year, together with the help and company of her boyfriend, Paul Michael. This good news was followed by announcement of your engagementbut the past March 10 it seemed that everything was truncated between them, when the ex-actress erased all the images with her partner, ending a future wedding. A week later, everything takes a 180º turn, as Michael has shared with his followers an emotional publication with a screenshot showing an ultrasound with Bynes’s name.


“Baby getting“The young man wrote next to the image that hours later he has removed from his profile. For her part, Amanda Bynes has not commented on this maternity. It would be the first child of the young woman, who at 33 years of age has passed the half of his life in hell as a result of his addictions. His relationship with Paul Michael has also had a series of ups and downs that ended in the cancellation of their engagement, although he published seven days ago an image of both accompanying the text “my love”, where their hands were seen intertwined with their respective engagement rings.

Despite her successes, in 2010 Amanda Bynes decided to put acting aside. For several years she had lived with addictions, which led her to be arrested on numerous occasions for use or possession. “I know 24 is a very young age to retire, but they have the scoop, I have retired. Being an actress is not as fun as it sounds. If I no longer love something, I stop doing it. I no longer love acting, that’s why I’ve stopped doing it, “he said at his farewell.


Along with this new life, years of hell followed. She herself assured that until 2019 she had continued to be linked to bad habits. All this coupled with an obvious physical change. Nothing remains of the girl’s angelic face Disney. Dyed brunette and with an extravagant tattoo on her left cheek, where she has a heart drawn.

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