The exciting dedication of Chris Columbus and other curiosities of ‘Stay by my side’

Okay, ‘Stay by my side’, the film with which director Chris Columbus achieved the most emotional box office of his professional career, does not exactly work as an example of subtlety when it comes to approaching the drama. Everything is underlined, the intentions are more than evident and, well, it does not take too long to discover that the pursuit of crying will be tireless. But damn, all his tricks work like a charm.

8 curiosities of ‘Stay by my side’

1 Special dedication

Chris Columbus wanted to dedicate ‘Stay by me’ to his mother, who had died a year before the film’s premiere due to cancer. An especially moving and meaningful show of love on the part of the filmmaker.

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2 Friends forever

Both Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts had been looking forward to working together for many years before ‘Stay by my side’ became a reality. After a while looking for a suitable script, the two actresses decided that the project directed by Chris Columbus was the one that best suited their artistic tastes and concerns. They did not fail.

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3 Looking for title

Before Chris Columbus and his team decided on the title ‘Stepmom’, which places us before one of the few examples in which the Spanish translation was inspired, the film was about to be called: ‘Goodnight Moon’, ‘Promises Kept’, ‘See You in My Dreams’ o el terrible ‘Always, Always’. Not one is saved.

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4 Cameo familiar

Among the splendid cast united to star in ‘Stay by my side’ it ended up sneaking in, in the form of a cameo, yes, the director’s very daughter Chris Columbus, who “played” one of the girls who appear in the ballet class where a small scene from the film takes place.

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6 Daughters of Susan

The great Jena Malone, it is always advisable to vindicate an actress of her talent, played in ‘Stay by my side’ the daughter of Susan Sarandon’s character, a fact that, six years later, would take on a special meaning. And it is that, in 2004, Malone participated in the discreet ‘Salvados’, where he shared a cast with Sarandon’s real daughter: Amurri Martino. Everything is in “family”.

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7 Tribute to Eastwick

During one of the scenes of ‘Stay by my side’, the one that takes place in the middle of Halloween, the character of Susan Sarandon appears dressed in a witch hat that it worked as a nice wink to ‘The witches of Eastwick’, one of the most successful and representative films of the career of the immense actress.

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8 Thinking about molly

At first, the script team of ‘Stay by my side’, consisting of Gigi Levangie, Jessie Nelson, Steven Rogers, Karen Leigh Hopkins and Ronald Bass, they wrote the character of Isabel Kelly with the actress Molly Ringwald in mind. However, by the time Julia Roberts became interested in the project, the Ringwald option was completely nullified. It is what it has to be one of the brightest stars in the Hollywood firmament.

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An achievement that would have been impossible if this story had not been supported on the shoulders of two leading performers of a true level. Mission accomplished. There are Julia Roberts, and especially Susan Sarandon, standing there to work the miracle. Outside of the more commercial aspects of the proposal, the actresses bring the humanity, affection, tenderness and necessary honesty to his characters so that everything ends up fitting in as sincerely as possible.

  'Stay by me'

The tears, of course, end up falling irretrievably, but the path to them becomes much more bearable in the company of two wonderful interpreters who, in addition, are accompanied by a good handful of splendid secondary characters. Columbus, for his part, tells every corner of this story with the solvency, affection and talent that characterize his best works. Definitely, a drama that not only justifies the high cost of tissue, but also ends up becoming, on its own merits, a little gem ready to be claimed.