The Dreamed and Diverse Family of Katherine Heigl, the Innocent Surgeon from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ | People

Years ago, Katherine Heigl stopped being the innocent surgeon Izzy Stevens of Grey’s Anatomy, a series that he abandoned a decade ago. Since then, she has devoted herself to cinema, has returned to making series and, above all, has been very focused on her family, of which she has now decided to speak, in an unusual way for her, in an interview.

Heigl, 42, has a very stable life on his large Utah ranch. The actress has spent 15 years with musician Josh Kelley, 41, whom she met when he appeared in one of her video clips and whom she married in December 2007. A couple of years later the couple decided to adopt in South Korea (the same the place where the actress’s parents adopted her older sister, Meg, decades ago, a 10-month-old girl named Naleigh, who is now 12 years old. Three years later and shortly after she was born, in April 2012, Adalaide Marie was adopted in the United States. And four years ago, in December 2016, the couple welcomed their first biological son, Joshua Bishop. They all live with five dogs (named Bubba, Flora, Tambor, Sarge, and Poppy) and three cats (named Checkers, Coco, and Mr. Woo), all adopted, as well as various horses, monkeys, donkeys, or chickens.

“Animals are much less demanding than children. They ask for little! “, Jokes the actress in a talk with the American magazine Parents. In it, Heigl suggests that it is indistinct for her to have children biologically or by adoption, but that for the moment she is no longer considering. “Before the pandemic, I thought we needed one more child to make this home complete. It was not clear whether we would choose the option of foster care, adoption or perhaps another pregnancy. But now I have completely changed my mind. I am happy with these three! ”. What he does consider is adopting one more dog, especially an older female dog.

In addition, the interpreter of the recently released The fireflies dance On Netflix he explains that his two adopted daughters have more and more questions about their origins as they get older. “We have told them: this is your story. We do not have information about your biological fathers, but we do have a little information about your mothers. If you want to talk more about the subject, you can have as much information as you want. Tell us how much knowledge you feel comfortable with ”.

Actress Katherine Heigl, pregnant with her hiko Joshua, with her daughters Naleigh and Adalaide in Los Feliz, California, in 2016.LRR/Osvaldo/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES / GTRESONLINE

The actress acknowledges that on many occasions her attitude was innocent and even somewhat ignorant regarding having privileges as a white person, something she realized thanks to her adopted sister Meg. “When I asked my sister if she was treated one way when she was with our parents and another without them, she said: ‘Of course, always!’ That made me realize my naivety. At first I was very angry, but I had to calm down and realized that the question was not how he made me feel. It’s about how I have to protect my daughters and prepare them for the world, because I can’t change society overnight. “

She also explains that she is concerned about how girls manage mobile devices, and acknowledges that the little boy, Joshua, “is very spoiled”, as his mother usually tells him and manager, Nancy, who lives five minutes from them on the same ranch. And he is not mistaken. I’m working in it”. Even so, she confesses that it was “a great relief” for her to know that she was going to have a boy and a girl, to change and because “another girl would have meant lifelong therapy for everyone,” she jokingly tells. “It was one of the big reasons why I was vacillating between getting pregnant or adopting again, because there you can choose your sex.”

Their daughters’ connection to the real world makes them aware that they are both artists and celebrities, and that the oldest, Naleigh, is embarrassed about it. The fact of living in the middle of Utah, in a place where they can be much more anonymous than in Los Angeles, means that they are less exposed and do not have a life of paparazzi and constant movie premieres.

Katherine Heigl and her family on the cover of 'Parents' magazine.
Katherine Heigl and her family on the cover of ‘Parents’ magazine.