The drastic change of look of Belinda that awakens both followers and detractors – GENTE Online

Belinda (28) debuted a new look with which he left both his followers and haters speechless. Amid pregnancy rumors and in a relationship with Christian Nodal, the Mexican singer chose to share on her account Tik Tok a drastic styling that generated praise and criticism in equal measure.

In your account of the App of Chinese origin in which you have more than 2.5 million followers and in which he only uploaded fifteen videos, his last content was a revolution in the networks.

With a video that got more than 11.4K likes and was shared hundreds of times on WhatsApp, the artist who was recently interviewed in Vogue Mexico, shared her drastic makeover.

It is that he went from having his long hair parted in the middle – which he wore in the Conde Nast publication, photographed by Andres Maizo Barbosa– to this new style. This is a remissive sixties bob cut that barely exceeds the shoulders.

Belinda’s new look.

Almost as Mia Wallace on Pulp Fiction, Belinda chose to cut her bangs straight and at the height of the eyebrows and go from blonde to the color that is a sensation this season, a redhead on the edge of orange, which they have worn since Emma Stone a Amy Adams.

His new look, which attracted attention that he had not yet posted on Instagram, generated hundreds of comments. “Black widow Mexican version” Y “with what you wear you are a beautiful woman” were some of the compliments he received. For their part, the detractors of the change wrote messages like the following: “You are beautiful but why did you do that to yourself?”

There were those who speculated that the new look was a way to dispel the pregnancy rumors that ensure that she will be a mother with Nodal. The clues that unleashed them? Last week she was seen wearing very baggy clothes and at her sister-in-law’s birthday party, Which Nodal, covered her belly and refused to drink alcohol.

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