The diet with which John Goodman lost 45 kg. And has stayed with her

A couple of years ago John Goodman, known for his role in the series ‘Roseanne’ or films like ‘The Big Lebowski’ or ‘The Flintstones’, decided to control his weight and adopt a Healthy life. He blew everyone away with his transformation, because after weighing more than 180 kilos, achievement slim down more than 50. He had not counted his secret, up to now.

The actor has never revealed the exact amount of weight he has lost, but admitted to ‘ABC News’ while promoting the film ’10 Coverfield Lane’ that it had reached a point where he could barely look at himself in the mirror.

Lost 64.5 kg: “I went on a diet many times, but with this one I succeeded”

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Mystery solved

Despite commenting on ‘Today Show’ that she didn’t think her impressive weight loss would last long because she assumed she would be back to ‘normal’ in six months, Goodman has managed to keep his body and continues to take care of itself. “Basically I control the portions and I think about things before I eat them. I always thought I was hungry and have learned to say, ‘I don’t need it.’ I don’t want to be an example to anyone because I love to take an ice cream and eat it by the spoonful with icing sugar and if I gain kilos again they will be disappointed “, he assures ‘AARP The Magazine’.

I wanted to change my lifestyle. Controlling my weight with smaller food portions and an exercise plan has helped me do it

The first thing he did was cut sugar and alcohol of your diet. “To be honest, I was in really bad shape when I left the show. I was feeling resentful and just didn’t care at all. It was a terrible mistake and I always wanted to eat non-stop. I felt an emptiness inside of me that dragged me to eat more and more. I still have it but now I know what it is. The important thing is to recognize it and think: ‘There it is’, without having to fill it with another pork chop or a drink, “he confessed.

You have had the help of a nutritionist, Mackie Shiltone, a true figure in the US, who has worked with many professional athletes. The combination of diet and training has been the key to this remarkable change. “This doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a one way trip which is in continuous process “, assured the food expert.

Mediterranean diet. (iStock)

After stopping drinking the actor noticed a very radical change, but the most important thing was when Shilstone took Goodman even further by presenting him with a Mediterranean-style diet plan in which fish, nuts, olive oil, vegetables and the fruit are indispensable.


As in all weight loss plans, in addition to the correct diet, it is necessary to do physical exercise. “It’s not a big secret. It took a lot of creativity to sit on a butt like mine. I just wanted to live better“commented the actor.

He also did workouts six days a week making sure walk 10,000 to 12,000 steps a day. In addition, he did elliptical cross trainer and ran on a treadmill for four days a week. This is how he managed to reduce his weight more than fifty kilos. “The last two years were the ones that changed my life. There has to be strategic planning and mentally accept that it will be a big change“, Explain.

Shilstone made her see exercise as a fun and recreational activity that was actively looked forward to. Instead of locking themselves in a gym, they did sport in the street. In 3 months that goal had doubled to 20,000 steps per day. To achieve this goal, John developed the habit of getting up at 6:30 and going for a walk every day.

“Wanting is power. It is not an easy road. I took things easy. I just wanted to change my lifestyle. Controlling my weight with smaller food portions and an exercise plan has helped me do this. If I could, you can too“, concludes the actor.