The day Emma Thompson asked Prince William if she could kiss him

Emma Thompson yesterday he lived a day that, due to the importance of the award and the fun of the situation, he will never forget. The actress was decorated as lady of the British Empire, an important distinction that recognizes his impeccable career in the world of interpretation. And although the actors are more than used to the red carpets, the nerves are never lacking in these types of events. Thus, the actress wanted to break the ice when the prince William He gave him the decoration and without a doubt he starred in the anecdote of the day.

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As published AND! News, the actress asked the prince William: “I can not kiss youRight? “And he replied” No, no! This day is not about me, it is your day. ” Thompson He later explained to the journalists present that “Master I’ve known Prince William since he was little, and we’ve laughed at each other. If you are the first, you have to be more formal on an occasion like this, he told me. He is wonderful and he is doing very well. “Although he is not a big fan of the monarchy as an institution, Emma Thompson He has always connected with members of the royal family. In fact, when the Prince carlos was separating from Diana of Wales, I sent him cards full of humor to cheer him up. The actress recently explained on a television show that “when you are awarded an award like this you can say you have moral principles And why do you need it if we no longer have any empire, and thank goodness because it was something horrible and racist, or you can just do like me and think that they are going to give you a great prize“.

The actress accompanied by her family.


Thompson went to collect her award accompanied by her husband, Greg Wise, and his sons, Gaia Y Tindyebwa Agaba. The actress broke with the usual protocol in this type of act and chose for the occasion a blue jacket suit of Stella McCartney and some white sneakers.

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