The Cheeky Brothers, by John Landis, what did the critics say about this classic?

The name John Landis is generally associated with horror cinema, directing films such as Schlock, An American Werewolf in London – 89% and On the Edge of Reality – 65%, his work in this genre allowed him to collaborate with the king of pop Michael Jackson and be chosen by him to direct “Thriller”, one of the most important videos in the history of music. However, the filmmaker also stood out for his participation in the world of comedy, being in charge of films such as College of Animals – 91%, From Beggar to Millionaire – 86% and The Caradura Brothers – 87%, the latter being one of the most remembered of all, turned into a cult film.

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The film tells the story of the Blues brothers, Jake and Eldwood, who meet again after three years. After Jake’s release from prison, the brothers find out that the orphanage where they grew up will be closed for financial reasons, so they decide to join their old blues band to raise funds and prevent Sister Mary’s orphanage from being closed, but this does not It will be an easy task, because the brothers will face all kinds of obstacles that, together with the bluesmovil, they will have to face to be able to reunite to the band.

The idea of The shameless brothers was born when John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd and John Landis they were working together on the show Saturday Night Live, where they created the characters of Jake Blues Y Elwood Blues, two brothers with eccentric personalities, lovers of blues and soul music. Seeing the success that these characters had within the program, Landis decided to create a film project with these characters with the purpose of reviving the taste for this musical genre, giving it the title of The blues brothers.

The project was produced by Universal Pcitures and was released on June 16, 1980, being a box office success, as it presented the perfect combination between a comedy film and an action film, told at all times to the rhythm of the blues. The script by John Landis Y Dan Aykroyd was praised by critics for his comic genius and the unique way in which they managed to incorporate the blues as part of the plot. Another of the great merits of this project was having the participation of some of the most recognized musicians of the time such as James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Cab Calloway Y Ray Charles.

One of the hallmarks of Los Hermanos Caradura are the scenes of police chase, featuring the emblematic bluesmovil perfectly synchronized with blues music and perfectly executed choreography by the actors. The critics applauded the sublime, simple and at the same time spontaneous performances of the histrions, fitting in a natural way with all the other technical and discursive elements. Similarly, the soundtrack was one of the pillars of the film, even being considered by experts as the film with the best soundtrack in a long time. In short, an exceptional comedy, a classic of American cinema.

The caradura brothers was the winner of the Golden Reel Awards in the category of best sound effects’ and nominated for best foreign film at the Turkish Film Critic Association Awards. It was also nominated for best comedy film by the American Film Institute, while the song “Think” it was nominated in the category of best song in a movie.

This is what the critics have said about Los Hermanos Caradura – 87% since its premiere:

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Gene Siskel de Chicago Tribune:

An exceptional comedy … car accidents and a lot of blues music in the best movie ever made in Chicago.

Roger Ebert de Chicago Sun-Times:

Belushi and Aykroyd are portrayed as two total cynics with a worldview of sublime simplicity, and all of that fits in perfectly with the other parts of the film.

Kim Newman de Empire:

… And then of course there was the music, the best music that any movie has had for many years.

Martin Chilton from The Telegraph:

… The movie has impressive car chases, choreographed like a dance in a musical, all while the Blues Brothers are chased all over Chicago.

Peter Bradshaw de The Guardian:

… The stunts are awesome and there is a lot of laughs. They were really thinking big.

Tom Hoddleston from Time Out London:

There is no doubt that Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi love this music, the characters have been carefully chosen and brilliantly performed by them.

Luis Martinez of The country:

Something more than just a movie; with the sour taste of irreverence.

John Ferguson de Radio Times:

One of the best musical comedies of modern times.

Dave Kehr de Reader:

Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker, James Brown, Cab Calloway, and Aretha Franklin steal the show by singing that song at the restaurant.

Gary Arnold de The Washington Post:

Landis makes it clear that he wanted to create big and expensive popular entertainment, something that would inspire people to start singing, dancing and rolling down the aisles.

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