the changes of looks that we will see and the beauty trends that we will copy

The melting chocolate chestnut, which swept the 2020 season to fill the turbulent season with healthy hair, owes a lot to ‘Emily in Paris’ in general and to Lily Collins in particular. In a time of bright and streaked hair color, the actress proposed a block color that played with mahogany highlights, months before the trend hit the streets. But Lily’s coloring was just one of the beauty gifts in the series.

Until Camille Razart wore mermaid waves in her golden zigzag hair, it was not clear to us how to adapt the trend that was sweeping among the centennials to real life and looks with meaning. Something similar happened with bucket hats, berets or makeup without any contouring. The series, produced by Lily Collins, democratized fashion trends, although 80% of their outfits will be based on prohibitively priced garments. Strident colors went hand in hand with natural makeup and the concept of ‘a character, a look’ that we learned with ‘Gossip Girl’ was recovered.

Lily Collins, en ‘Emily in Paris’. (Netflix / Cordon Press)

Following this tendentious spirit, capable of bringing the designs of the catwalk closer together and playing with fashion, the second season of the series has started filming in the streets of the French capital and we can see the first brushstrokes of what will be the new and fun beauty looks. The mission of the styling team seems clear, shake up fashion and play with makeup, hairdressing and accessories to put on the table a beauty proposal that breaks with the trends we already know.

Hair tanning

It is not necessary to do a too exhaustive analysis of the first images that have been leaked on the shoot to interpret that part of the plot will take place in the summer or at least in beach settings. We will move to Saint Tropez and such a location deserves not only outfits with crop tops, shorts and pamelas, the incidence of the sun will also have a direct impact on the styling of the three female protagonists.

The first and obvious change we see in Lily Collins’ hair. The dark brown hair of the first season has lightened considerably, turning into a very luminous light brown in which no trace of highlights, face framing or other trends. Again the styling team remains firm in its reinvention of trends. But coloring is not the only change in the protagonist’s hair. Lily has been in charge of maintaining a constant feed of her day to day, thanks to which we discovered her new haircut.

First images from the filming of ‘Emily in Paris. (Instagram @lilycollins)

Although there are still few photos of Emily and Gabriel, Lily’s partner in the series seems to have grown her hair somewhat longer, opting for a look very 90s, maybe more in line with the new stage of the character.

Netflix, the voice that whispers to us beauty trends… From Emily’s eyebrows to Tokyo’s hair

Margarita velasco

Ultra-colorful makeup

All the stylistic excesses that we saw in the first season, criticized and praised in equal measure, had nothing to do with the beauty bet. Very natural leathers, with bases that will homogenize the tone but will not mask or provide that fashionable glow. The matte finishes were accompanied only with a lipstick -depending on the character- and a use of mascara with which to mark and shape but not overload. Thanks to the series’ styling team, we learned that Lily only used 7 lipsticks throughout the shoot, in very similar shades and combining luxury brands with other consumer brands.

Ashley Park, in the dressing room of the shoot. (Instagram @ashleyparklady)

But, from what little we have been able to see in this preview of the second season, the makeup is going to change radically. If not for the protagonist, yes for her co-stars. Influenced by the covid effect, the eyes will dress with intense outlined in colors, from green to purple, without forgetting the Klein blue turned into a night shadow full of luminosity. Maintaining the chic essence of the series, these colors are included in very subtle makeup, to enhance only that colorful point.

The eyebrows of 2021 (they are not what you think)

The characteristics eyebrows that made Lily Collins famous They may be relegated to the background after Aurélie Payen’s work on the makeup of the characters in the series. The shape and thickness of Collins will never find a rival but, after beautifying them and achieving an impressive harmony in his face, the makeup artist has repeated the process in the rest of the casting.

Detail of the new eyebrows of Camille Razart and Ashley Park in the filming of the second season of ‘Emily in Paris’. (Instagram @ashleyparklady)

In the United States they call the ‘geolift’ technique and it is one of the beauty consequences of confinement. By stopping plucking, the final part of the eyebrow, called the tail, has regained the thickness typical of childhood. The effect, in addition to being rejuvenated and natural, is that of a straighter and raised eyebrow. To transfer the geolift to ‘Emily in Paris’, the makeup artist has used the fixing gel with color, to also add color and be able to design it even more. We will appreciate this change in Camille Razart, whose eyebrows, so far very light, will be more defined, thick and darker.

Volumen vintage

Retro hairstyles are back and there’s little talk about it, but for the ‘Emily in Paris’ team, make seventies waves to all actresses was not an option. Respecting the aesthetic look of each of the characters, the innovation of this second season has come from the hand of volume.

Ashley Park, on the set in Saint Tropez. (Cordon Press)

We will continue to see Lily with very marked waves in the middle of her hair, but now her roots will be more hollowed out, in favor of a fluffy hairstyle. The end result is a reinterpretation of the retro look, but adapting it to the trends of the moment. The rest of the characters will also receive their corresponding capillary weight. While Mindy will be sporting a chignon with sixties volume and immense accessories, Camille will succumb to the seventies aesthetic, keeping the line but adding much more volume. The messy hairstyle will take over the French woman’s hair to enhance her casual aesthetic.

The airwaves have gained more volume in the filming of the new ‘Emily in Paris II’. (Cordon Press)

Without a closed release date, Emily revs up and these looks are just the lure with which to elucidate theories until we see the first scenes of the series … Meanwhile we can only hope to see Lily Collins playing Audrey Hepburn again, once more.