The Capture Actress: “It’s a story about discovering the truth in a world of Fake News”

Private Shaun Emery – played by Callum Turner – was convicted of a war crime while serving in Afghanistan. However, after being acquitted, he again faces the consequences of a crime: CCTV cameras show his direct involvement in the disappearance of Hannah Roberts.

Rachel Carey – played by Holliday Grainger – is the detective in charge of the case, who plunges into the investigation discovers that there is a whole network of conspiracy around Emery.

The Capture, Released in September 2019 in the United States, it is a six-episode thriller set in a world where fake news abounds through social media. In the era of post-truth, the fiction of Starz Play and BBC One posits that not necessarily what we see is a fact.

Callum Turner como Shaun Emery en la serie The Capture.

Ben Chanan, screenwriter and director of the series, interviewed retired agents from the US Department of Homeland Security and the CIA to shape the story. Motivated by the increasingly massive falsification of videos as criminal evidence, he wondered: What happens to criminal justice if we can no longer trust what we see?

“My ambition at first was to create a modern conspiracy thriller that evoked the mood and paranoia of my favorite movies from the 70s after Watergate: The Parallax View (1974) and Three Days Of The Condor (1975). I had no idea that our current era would turn out to be so good, “he said in the official presentation of the series.

The cast of The Capture It is completed by Cavan Clerkin as Patrick Flynn, Ben Miles as Commander Danny Hart, Ron Perlman as Frank Napier and Famke Janssen as Jessica Mallory, among others.

Famke Janssen como Jessica Mallory en The Capture.

Famke Janssen, actress known for her roles as Jean Gray in the trilogy X-Men and Lenore in Relentless search, plays Jessica Mallory, a senior official in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

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  • Actriz from The Capture: "It's a story about discovering the truth in a world of Fake News"
    The Capture Actress: “It’s a story about discovering the truth in a world of Fake News”

The character bursts into the series’ final episode to put intelligence officer Frank Napier in his place, and oversee how the operation around Emery is going on.

“Jessica is a businesswoman, someone who has had her way for a long time. She has worked very hard, especially as a woman, to get to the position she is in. She is not stupid, she makes sure that the job it is done – no matter how it has to be done, “says Janssen.

-Why did you want to be part of this series?

I found it wonderful! I loved reading The Capture ‘Cause it’s a spy thriller like it was The Fugitive. Viewers see a person being persecuted and all the evidence shows that he is guilty. However, they believe that he is innocent. It has that element, but the difference in The Capture is that there are many layers. Every time you think you know what’s going on, it’s like an onion that keeps unraveling and more and more truths come to light. There are times when you don’t know who to believe or what the truth is, but you keep struggling and you keep discovering fascinating new elements. What really appealed to me was this notion of what can be done with CCTV recordings, and the extent to which it can be manipulated. The ramifications of that in real life are terrifying. It is a very current story.

-Why should people see it?

It is a story about the truth, and discovering the truth and then testing it in a world where fake news abounds. It really is a story about our future and what awaits us. We are being photographed every day and in every way imaginable. There is no privacy – there has been no privacy for a long time. When you start to think about the idea of ​​being able to manipulate the images that are out there about you, where you can be accused of a crime all of a sudden and that there are real images of yourself doing it, even though you never did. That is a very scary idea. What I think is wonderful about The Capture, and why I think people would really want to see it, is that they will be constantly guessing and wondering and trying to get ahead of the story, but the story is always ahead of them. There is a lot of intrigue, it is a spider web that you will want to get to the center of.

-What makes The Capture different from other productions?

Mix genres: the detective show, the surveillance thriller, the dystopian vision turned into social commentary. It is contemporary and can happen now.

The Capture will debut on January 2 on Starz Play.