The box bob cut is the new solution for hair without volume – Para Ti

A cut with texture and volume that does not seek definition, but a casual finish. Why is it one of the most requested these days? Because it is the ideal solution to achieve the effect of more hair.

The “box bob” is the latest to be added to the long list of bob cuts, such as sliced, blunt, shaggy, and paper cut, among others. It is characterized by being a textured cut that seeks movement in the hair, both in straight and wavy hair, although it does not seek the defined loop.

Photo: Pinterest

His look is “effortless” type, that is, combed without looking so combed. If you have a lack of volume or your hair is too fine, the box bob is an excellent option because, precisely, it is designed to generate this effect and, in addition, to give it shape.

The box bob should be left with the “tousled hairstyle” look. Photo: Pinterest

The best thing about this cut is its versatility, since changes can be made according to the shape of the face and the type of hair, achieving an absolutely personalized version of the cut.

Disarmed waves, slightly marked, to generate volume. Photo: Pinterest

How to comb it? This cut is characterized by its tangled waves: nothing defined, simply disarmed, with the aim of adding volume. For straight manes, just an “s” shaped wave, no looping or looking for more definition.

Sienna Miller wore this cut for years. Photo: Pinterest

Cameron Diaz, Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley are three followers of this cut, since they have fine hair, although they know well what tricks to use to hide it: the highlights in strategic places, the products to increase the thickness of the hair visually, plus a cut of hair that reinforces all this.

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