The best jasmine perfumes to smell like a summer night


Its aroma is reminiscent of sol but it has a certain touch animal sensual with a cleaning content that has seduced perfumers for centuries. Although many fragrances carry it and even advertise it as a main ingredient, deep down it is difficult to find a perfume that really smells like this flower. The natural essence of jasmine is one of the most expensive to obtain: half a kilo can reach 8,000 euros. The flowers have to be picked by hand and processed quickly so that they are not lost and six million flowers are needed to get a kilo of absolute according to Vitoria Frolova de Bois de Jasmin (an expert in perfumery).

In reality, most perfumes do not contain natural jasmine that is grown in Morocco, Egypt, Italy and India especially. Only a few lucky ones have a few drops of the essence and most are synthetic reproductions. This chemical part in some cases fails to hit the mark, but in others it manages to combine and amplify the natural smell. Despite the general belief, most fragrances no longer carry flowers in its composition to avoid allergies, hyperpigmentation and because there are not enough cultures for all the jasmine that is sold in jars.

This selection includes 14 perfumes that, thanks to the laboratory or to nature, they manage to reproduce the smell of jasmine every morning on your dressing table, which is still a small miracle.

From the iconic Blond Jasmin, by Herrera Confidential (the house’s most exclusive line), with the scent of imperial jasmine a Joy, by Jean Patou, a classic created in the 1930s that is still a treasure today. We also went through At night, by Serge Lutens, with jasmine from up to 3 different locations or the wonderful Olene, from Dyptique, in which despite the fact that in the mixture, the main ingredient is wisteria, jasmine is the one who takes the gold in the aroma. There are also ‘low’ options, like the Yves Rocher reference, an affordable version of jasmine with hints of citrus and some more ethereal ones like White Spirit, by Juliette Has a Gun, inspired by a freshly made bed and with a smell of jasmine and tuberose that you will not be able to get out of your head.

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Blond Jasmin

By Herrera Confidential (€ 125). This perfume, from the house’s most exclusive line, is inspired by the most luxurious and secret vacation destinations in South America. It smells of imperial jasmine everywhere and lasts for many hours.

Serge Lutens

At night from Serge Lutens (100 €/ 50 ml). Perhaps the most successful of all created by Christopher Sheldrake in 2000. Jasmine (from Egypt, India and Morocco), green touches, cloves, honey and musk. It smells like cutting the flower and rubbing it with the skin. Then it becomes somewhat darker, loses its freshness.

It smells like an Andalusian patio on a summer night. If you don’t like jasmine, run away. For declared lovers of jasmine.

Jean Patou

Joy from Jean Patou. It is considered a classic, it was created in 1930 and has been the second best-selling perfume after Chanel N5. It has a hint of tuberose, ylang-ylang dog especially jasmine and rose of May. It smells like the perfumes of before but if you love the smell of jasmine, you will like it for sure. Worst? The price: (€ 154/75 ml). And it is not easy to find, in El Corte Inglés de Castellana and niche perfumeries.

Very concentrated and lasts for hours. They say it was Vivien Leigh’s favorite.

Thierry Mugler

Alien from Thierry Mugler (84 € / 50 ml). Although very mixed with amber, you have to recognize the intensity of Alien’s jasmine just when you spray it. Without being a reproduction as is of the flower, it does keep it in its essence.

An enveloping and intense version for those who love indiscreet perfumes.


Olene from Dyptique (70 € / 50 ml). Although one of its main ingredients is wisteria, jasmine ends up being able to with the mixture. Some honeysuckle, narcissus and green scents, but undoubtedly jasmine runs through the mix. It is a very sold perfume in Arab countries for men, but in Europe it is a scent associated with women.

If yours is not the sweet version of jasmine but you like how the cut flower smells directly, without much artifice, Olene will fit you. It lasts for hours and remains in the garments for days.

Yves Rocher

Tender jasmine by Yves Rocher (€ 24.50 / 50 ml) A much more affordable version with hints of citrus, slightly acid at the beginning but offset by the sweetness of the mimosa at the end.

Good hold on the skin. The best? A fairly successful low version.

Jo Malone

White Jasmine & Mint from Jo Malone (€ 100/100 ml and € 50 / 30ml). Very herbal. Bitter and fresh but underneath the mint holds a jasmine for occasional fans of the white flower.

It is inspired by an English garden so don’t expect warmth or sweetness.

Juliette Has A Gun

White Spirit from Juliette Has A Gun (220 €/100 ml). This fragrance also has that masculine touch that good jasmine perfumes have. Share the limelight with tuberose in this scent that is inspired by a freshly made bed. Discard the jasmine with medicinal nuances and the background of woods and musks that ends up making the perfume unisex.

It has against the price but in return it will last you hours on your skin. It is sold in a case that almost looks like a jewelry box. For collectors.

By Kilian

Love and Tears from by By Kilian (205 €). A perfume composed like a figurative painting around the jasmine. It has some notes of orange blossom, narcissus, lily of the valley, petit grain or lavender but soon all the freshness gives way to the wildest and animal smell of jasmine. Between sad and intense, a tribute to love. It has a masculine touch reminiscent of Olene from Diptyque. Sold exclusively at Le Secret du Marais.

If you are a fan, we recommend that you get a bottle because it has been discontinued.

Annick Goutal

Dreams from Annick Goutal (106 €/ 100 ml) A very romantic version of jasmine. Vanilla, ylang-ylang and wallflower. Sweet, Milky was created in 2005 by Isabelle Doyen.

It is a fragrance that many brides choose to marry. If you are into “fresh” perfumes you will not like it.


Jasmine & Bergamot from L`Occitane (€ 57/75 ml). It is not a very intense variant of jasmine. The smell seems very mixed with lemon and bergamot although it is present.
Perfect if you do not finish daring with the strength of this white flower.


Chanel Nª5 (€ 101/100 ml). Although it is not a perfume dedicated only to jasmine, it is considered a good representative because it is one of its main notes. Mixed with rose, aldehydes, orange blossom, it has an acid touch. There is not much to say about this fragrance that has been the world’s best-selling perfume for years since it was created by Ernest Beaux in 1954.

It is not for you if you are really looking for the smell of jasmine only, if you like it but surrounded by other flowers it is a good choice.


Black Jasmine from Bvlgari (122 €/100 ml). Although the principle deceives with a clean and fresh jasmine it turns dark with the scent of gardenia, almond, licorice and tonka bean. In the end, the wood becomes much more present than the white flower. The Eau de Toilette version looks similar but stays much closer to the freshness of the perfume outlet.

For occasional jasmine fans.

Tom Ford Private Blend

Red Jasmine from Tom Ford Private Blend (280 €/ 100 ml). It starts out fresh with orange blossom and ylang-ylang but becomes much spicier with cardamom. In the end it is mixed with the aroma of amber and wood.

His price works against him but he has declared followers.

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