The best horror movies to come in 2021

We have just crossed the equator of the year, which means that we are somewhat closer to the arrival of Halloween, a festival that is increasingly popular, and that is usually accompanied by the odd film premiere linked to terror. Having a hard time in a movie theater, elevating one of our most unpleasant instincts, in a safe and controlled spaceIt is something that more or less has attracted us all at some point, but if it also serves as the culmination of a themed night, it seems that it fits better.

This year he will accompany us Halloween Kills, and taking advantage of the premiere of its latest trailer and the imminent arrival of the trilogy of Terror Street, we are going to review the most anticipated of this prolific and irregular genre for the remainder of the present 2021. So, without much more to say, here they go 12 of the most anticipated films for the remainder of the year.

1. The Street of Terror Trilogy

In just a few days he disembarks a project that started in 2015 under the umbrella of the Fox, and now comes from the hand of Netflix with a somewhat peculiar format, as we are talking about a trilogy that is going to be released in three consecutive weeks. The Street of Terror, the series of novels written by RL Stine, author of the literary saga Nightmares, will be adapted into three films that will be released on the television on demand service throughout the month of July. The first delivery, The Street of Terror Part 1: 1994, will take us to closely follow the adventures of a group of nineties adolescents who discover a series of connections between the horrible events that have been tormenting their town for years. Now, it seems that they may be the next victims.

Its premiere is dated for July 2, 2021. Similarly, the two sequels will be released on the 9th and 16th of the same month, under the subtitles of 1978 and 1666 respectively.

2. The Night House

We continue with Netflix and we let ourselves be carried away by the hand of David Bruckner (The Signal, Creepshow) what targets all the tropes of the genre: mystery, apparitions and a house in front of a lake. The plot follows the day-to-day life of Beth, a newly widowed woman who spends hours alone in an idyllic house that was designed exclusively for her. Soon she will begin to have strange dreams and even more chilling visions that will push her, ignoring the advice of those close to her, to investigate the belongings kept in the house in search of answers. So reads the synopsis of this film that has Rebecca Hall in charge of the cast and that will arrive on Netflix on July 14.

3. The Purge: Infinite

The saga of La Purga comes to an end with this fifth and final installment in charge of Everado Taste and what has Josh Lucas and Ana de la Reguera as headshotsl. The Purge: Infinite will close, next July 17, the pentalogy based on relief as an escape route to solve the growing criminal incidence typical of the dystopian United States that it presents to us.

4. Escape Room 2: You’re dying to get out

How lucrative a low-budget, high-grossing horror movie can be explains the number of such tapes we receive throughout the year. A good example of this was Escape Room, what With an invoice of just 9 million euros, it raised about 156, nothing bad. Therefore, the announcement of its sequel did not catch anyone by surprise. The natural continuation will hit theaters on July 30, again under the direction of Adam Robitel, which seeks to re-generate sensations with a group of people who, again and unexpectedly, find themselves locked in a series of escape rooms.

5. Old

M. Night Shyamalan returns to thriller terrain inspired by the graphic novel Sandcastle, from Pierre Oscar Levi and Frederik Peeters. This production, the first of the two films that the director signed with Universal at the end of 2019, places us together with a family that is on vacation in the tropics. The tranquility is truncated when, while spending the night on a secluded beach, they discover that begin to age at an incredibly fast rate. Old will hit our screens on August 6.

6. Do Not Breathe 2

Fede Alvarez surprised locals and strangers in 2016 with Don’t breathe, a film with which to raise the levels of tension, which flaunts a shameless squalor at times. Now, after four years, its sequel arrives, leaving Álvarez as producer and writer and putting Rodo Sayagues behind the camera, who in turn was the producer and scriptwriter of the first installment. The synopsis will not leave indifferent those who saw the original, as it tells us that the blind man has raised for years a girl who has just been kidnapped by criminals, so he will be forced to come out of hiding to get her back, in what seems a 180º turn that can take the character from antagonist to protagonist. 20th of August.

7. Candy Man

Tony Todd (Candyman, Star Trek: The Next Generation) as Scare Glow

Rescuing old glories, Candyman comes to relive the myth of the film released in 1992. Behind the camera is Bernard Rose, who will again delve into the idea of ​​the bogeyman, pointing to the residential neighborhoods of Cabrini Green, Chicago. The August 27 we will once again have among us the serial killer of the hook by hand who can be invoked if his name is spoken in front of the mirror.

8. Evil

Without a doubt, one of the most anticipated by fans of the genre, as we are talking about James Wan | (La monja, Insidious, The Conjuring), a guy who, despite having his detractors, has shown good evidence of how well he handles himself in the genre. Little is known about the production, but behind the script is Akela Cooper and among the cast we will run into interpreters such as Annablle Wallis, Jake Able o Mckenna Grace.

9. Slaxx

Undoubtedly, my most anticipated film within the genre. From Canada comes this little madness, directed by Elza Keptar and produced by EMA Films, which places the action in a very ordinary clothing store. The remarkable begins when possessed jeans start murdering establishment workers. Here comes Libby, an idealistic young woman who must do her best to stop the jeans killers. Next September 11 in the best venues, or not.

10. Halloween Kills

In 2018 we received The halloween night, reboot of the classic directed by John Carpenter in 1978. Now it comes to us the sequel to reboot, in which Lauride Strode (Jaimie Lee Curtis) He must once again face that figure clad in a mask that haunted him in the past. Directs David Gordon Green and produces Blumhouse. The October 16 We will have it ready to celebrate Halloween in style.

11. Antlers: Dark Creature

Antlers places us in a small town in Oregon in which a teacher (Keri Russell), his brother (Jesse Plemons) and the local sheriff, begin to feel a certain interest in an isolated, distant and mysterious young man. The secrets hidden under the identity of this individual could have fatal consequences, so it’s worth leaving it there. The next October 29th we will discover the mystery.

12. Last night in Soho

This British production, which comes from the hand of Edgar Wright (Baby Driver), it helps us to close the list. The script is written by the director himself, who relies on the figure of Krysty Wilson-Cairns, which already participated in 1917. Last night in Soho is a psychological thriller about a young woman who is fascinated by fashion and who somehow comes into contact with the 1960s. But the allure of the temporary mess is short-lived, and when time begins to unravel the consequences can be dire. Starring Thomasin McKenzie Y Anya Taylor-Joy, will arrive in our cinemas next November 5th.