‘The Batman’: Jeffrey Wright wears Jim Gordon’s mustache in a photo with a fan

The advances on the characters and plots that will be developed in the new ‘The Batman’ directed by Matt Reeves continue to arrive with dropper. The first weeks we were able to see how the Gotham police and press cars arrived in the filming city (London). Later you could see photos of Colin Farrell as the penguin and the first images of the suit that Robert Pattinson will wear as Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego.

Another of the actors that will be released in the DC universe will be actor Jeffrey Wright, who will play Inspector Jim Gordon, a character who has practically always been represented with his mythical mustache. The actor was photographed with a follower between scenes, making it clear that his Jim Gordon will also have the famous mustache.

Great influence

Meanwhile, the interpreter was also able to speak with CNET about what this special shoot means for him. “I was a bit of a fan of Batman comics and comics in general growing up. But I was a crazy fan of Adam West’s Batman. Matt Reeves, who is directing the movie, was too. We were talking about it and he said,” In my opinion, that was not camp style at all. “

Wright makes it clear that the harmony between him and the director was key for the common project to go forward, revealing the great influence they both feel with Adam West’s Batman. This is not to say that we are doing an Adam West Batman in any respect. But for me that was my first dive into the Batman cosmos. Matt and I agreed that it was not camp style for us, because it is very serious for an 8 year old. Something serious with the most advanced technology in the James Bond style “. ‘The Batman’ will hit Spanish theaters on June 25, 2021.