The appearance of John Bradley with Jennifer Lopez where it is difficult to recognize Sam Tarly from ‘Game of Thrones’

John Bradley is the English actor who catapulted his professional career with the role of Samwell Tarly in the famous HBO series’Game of Thrones‘. In the series, Bradley was the right hand man of one of the great protagonists, Jon Snow (Kit Harington). Other small roles he has played over the years have been that of Frank Gallagher’s boss in ‘Shameless‘and the one about Scooter in the 2018 film,’Zero Patient‘.

However, this next 2022 it seems that we will see Bradley more times. The actor will work alongside Halle berry and Patrick Wilson on ‘Moonfall‘. In the film they will form an atypical group to try to save the planet from destruction and the danger posed by the moon.

Now we have also been able to find out which Bradley will play Collin Calloway in Kat Coiro’s new movie, ‘Marry me‘. The protagonist of the film is nothing less than herself Jennifer Lopez, and also appear Owen Wilson and Maluma. This new project is a return to romantic comedies with a special touch and, of course, with the musical collaboration of JLo and Maluma with original themes.

Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson and John Bradley in ‘Marry Me’ | Universal studios

In the new trailer for ‘Marry me’ we have seen a changed and new version of Sam Tarley. The actor seems to have slimmed down and it shows that he is no longer the cowardly boy who managed to become the Grand Master. In the preview, Bradley appears very elegant dressed in a suit and with combed hair; He has gone from being the erudite-minded boy to the henchman of JLo’s character, Kat Valdez.

In the movie Kat Valdez and Bastian (Maluma) form the sexiest couple in the world and they decide to get married live in front of all their fans. The problem comes when, just before the event, the singer learns that her partner is cheating on her with her assistant. Then, in a moment of utter madness, JLo’s character decides marry a stranger found in the audience, Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson).

In the preview we can see a Bradley more mature who cares about Kat’s impulsive and daring decision. It appears in several moments, which could indicate that it will be an important character in the film. It seems that the actor will have to guide Kat and Charlie in the right direction to avoid staining the image of the great singer or suffering other serious consequences.

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