The 8 David Lynch films that you will be able to see again in theaters – movie news

Some of the director’s titles return to the big screen during the month of June on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of ‘Mulholland Drive’.

David Lynch returns to the big screen. And he does it in style even though it is not with a new film. Eight titles of the director’s filmography will be re-released coinciding with the 20th anniversary from the arrival at the movie theaters of Mulholland Drive. It will be from 11th of June when The David Lynch Universe -this is the title of this event Avalon– fire the starting gun.

The Golem cinemas in Madrid and the Balmes Multicinemas in Barcelona They will host this event and their rooms will be set and decorated for the occasion. There will also be talks, meetings and presentations. In addition, Lynch’s films will reach more cities and cinemas across the country.

When buying tickets, you can get them individually through the website and the box office of each cinema. Avalon, however, gives you another option: the Passport of the Universe David Lynch. What advantages does it have? Well, you can see all the movies at the best price. With your purchase (39.95 euros) you will acquire eight movie tickets, a physical passport and a gift. To achieve this you must visit the Avalon online store.

What eight films are chosen to be part of The David Lynch Universe? We tell you about them below:

‘Eraser head’

The real, the fantastic, the dreamlike and the grotesque merge into Eraser head (1997), Lynch’s first feature film. Shot in black and white, the film follows Henry Spencer (Jack Nance), a strange man who works in a printing company. Things get surreal when your partner Mary (Charlotte Stewart) informs him that she has given birth to a grotesque being. The couple, then, must take care of the child, which will bring nothing but trouble and a series of strange events.

‘The elephant Man’

Following his career as a director, The elephant Man (1980) is the director’s second film. Starring Anthony Hopkins and set in the Victorian era, the film follows Fredrick Treves, a doctor who runs into a circus whose great attraction is John Merrick. The latter is a 21-year-old person who is known as The Elephant Man for the various deformities of his body. Abused in the circus, Fredrick Treves manages to get him out of there and take him to a hospital to study and cure him. By talking to him, you will discover that he is an intelligent and eloquent man.

The elephant Man, which also features John Hurt and Anne Bancroft in its cast, was nominated for eight Oscars.

‘Blue velvet’

After leaving behind his black and white beginnings and getting behind the scenes of the adaptation of Dune (1984), Lynch brought to the big screen Blue velvet (1986). Jeffrey Beaumont is a man who, on his way home after learning that his father has suffered an accident, finds a human ear amputated. John Williams, the father of her friend Sandy, is the police officer in charge of handling the case. Supported by Sandy, who thinks it all points to a singer named Dorothy, Jeffrey starts his own investigation. The protagonist then enters a strange series of events with the enigmatic artist.

Blue velvet It gave Lynch an Oscar nomination for Best Director and also marked his second collaboration with actor Kyle MacLachlan. The film has Isabella Rossellini and Dennis Hopper in its cast.

‘Twin Peaks: Fire walks with me’

An event about Lynch had to have something related to one of his most remembered titles: the series Twin Peaks. Two years after the premiere of the fiction, the director was placed behind the cameras of Twin Peaks: Fire walks with me.

The title narrates events prior to the series and is set in Deer Meadow, a small town in Washington. There, the FBI agents Sam Stanley Y Chet Desmond they investigate the case of Teresa Banks: a waitress who has been murdered. One year later, Laura Palmer she lives her last days before being murdered. The young woman has as lovers Bobby Y James, flirts with drugs and has a complicated relationship with his father.

Sheryl Lee came back into the shoes of Laura Palmer in this film after bringing the character to life in fiction. Kyle MacLachlan he also got back into the skin of the Agent Cooper despite the fact that his presence in the film is minimal.

‘Wild Heart’

Nicolas Cage, Laura Dern, and Willem Dafoe reported to Lynch in Wild Heart (1990). Sailor is a convict who, during a prison leave, goes to visit his girlfriend Lula. Together they decide to flee to New Orleans. Her escape is cut short when the girl’s mother hires a hitman to kill Sailor, who witnessed how she and her lover killed her husband. As Sailor and Lula escape, their journey is accompanied by sordid memories.

‘Lost road’

Another of the Lynch titles that are part of this event is Lost road (1997). The protagonist of this strange story is Fred Madison, a ‘jazz’ musician who receives a series of strange anonymous videotapes. One of them even heralds his future imprisonment for the murder of his wife. Body changes, strange visions and a plot that doesn’t seem to fit are some of the elements of this film and, of course, Lynch’s signature. Bill Pullman, Patricia Arquette, Balthazar Getty and Robert Blake star in the film.

‘A true story’

Based on a true event in 1994, Lynch directed A true story (2000). Alvin Straight He is a 73-year-old man who has not spoken to his older brother for 10 years Lyle. However, when he is told that he has fallen seriously ill, the protagonist sets out on a solo trip in a combine to see him for the last time. Sissy Spacek, Harry Dean Stanton and Richard Farnsworth lead the film’s main cast.

‘Mulholland Drive’

Finally, we come to the movie that makes sense of this event: Mulholland Drive (2001). Naomi Watts and Laura Harring star in this film that also earned Lynch an Oscar nomination for Best Director. Rita is the protagonist of this story, a woman who loses her memory due to an accident. Together with an aspiring actress, she will look for clues to find out what really happened and what led her there. Their adventure through Los Angeles will take them both into a journey in which the dream and reality are intermingled.