The 5 best performances of Kate Winslet, the actress of the moment

However, Kate Winslet returned to headlines, social media and talking points this year for her starring role in the miniseries. Mare of Easttown, HBO production that follows the classic line of the television police and that owes its success to the enormous work of its star actress, who brings nuances and distinctive imprint to a script that with the passing of the story reveals itself as more conventional than its first episodes suggested.

In this framework, we take as an excuse the event that aroused the miniseries in question to review five works by Kate Winslet that place her on the podium of the various industrial cinema; five unavoidable performances beyond the making of the films, the paraphernalia and the mainstream. Are here.

Kate Winslet’s Top 5 Performances

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Michel Gondry, 2004)

Kate Winslet Eternal Radiance

Kate Winslet en Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Forever moored in the memory of those who have seen the film between their 20s and 30s, this film by Michel Gondry (probably the best of the French director) has a Kate Winslet illuminated by the gods and devilishly accurate. His fictional partner with Jim Carrey is another success and at the same time also part of the best of the actor’s filmography (to which we point Man on the Moon as his other immortal work).

Who did not fall in love with Clementine and related her to Kate as if they were the same person? Who could avoid the feeling that her erasing mind with its colored hairs pinned on her was waiting for us? Who did not fantasize about being part of that delusional love story and at the same time so fatal in its earthly inevitability?

Celestial creatures (Heavenly Creatures, Peter Jackson, 1994)

kate winslet

Kate Winslet en Heavenly Creatures

Kate Winslet en Heavenly Creatures

Peter Jackson directed his most personal film before the blockbuster epic of The Lord of the Rings and after the ultragore escalation of Braindead and Bad Taste. Celestial creatures is, in this way, a major film, a work of the artisan of the image, of the poet of the framing, the montage and the delineation of characters.

In that last item is where a very young Kate Winslet, aged 19, was imposed as an actress who came with everything. And it was so: two years later I was filming Titanic, the highest grossing film in film history up to that moment and today only surpassed by Avatar (also by James Cameron) and Avengers: End Game.

In her role as a young woman with a fatal course, the actress goes through different states, all urgent, all close to the limit of hallucination and the fateful trip. The interpretive voracity of a huge actress who was still in training and on her way to the zenith.

Wheel of fortune (Wonder Wheel, Woody Allen, 2017)


Kate Winslet and Wonder Wheel

Kate Winslet and Wonder Wheel

It may be among Woody Allen’s less accomplished films, part of his dim last decade. However, Winslet’s work is capital in the body and mind of Ginny, a woman screwed to a gray life whom she despises along with a worker at the Coney Island amusement park, in the suburbs of New York.

There is frustration in his Ginny but also glimpses of hope and the feeling that, at some point, life might get better. That is where the potential of the character is located, which the actress polishes throughout situations that go beyond the script, the direction and some secondary character who also contributes moments of interest to a reluctant plot.

“Directing a film with good actors, a good script, good cameras and illuminators does not have so much merit,” Allen himself once said and, in this case, his phrase applies almost exclusively to the work of its leading actress, a success of casting of those that are appreciated in each projection.

Mare of Easttown (Brad Ingelsby, 2021)

Detective Mare Sheehan carries a backpack that is difficult to carry, heavy and of an unmanageable darkness for the one who is also in charge of teaching law in Easttown, the town where the body of a murdered young woman has just been found. The starting point, common (beyond the specific nuances) to the vast majority of the scripts of a police series, could have been the trigger for an acting performance that meets the standard. But Winslet took his role beyond the borders of a formula script and knew how to step aside from the winks of the police soap opera.

The protagonist of the successful HBO series (which could have a sequel next year) placed fiction, alone, above other representatives of the genre, to the point of having made comparisons with heavyweights such as The Night Of or Fargo They didn’t sound as crazy as Mare of Easttown would have told an average actress.

And yes, despite his script slack, his conservatism and his tendency to soap operas, thanks to the good Kate we wish, we hope, another season.

kate winslet iris

Kate Winslet and Iris

Iris (Richard Eyre, 2001)

Four years after the event of Titanic, the actress donned the clothes, manners and signs of a young Iris Murdoch, the revolutionary Irish writer who scandalized the most conservative of her time, back in the middle of the 20th century. His role, shared with the other giant Judi Dench (in the older adult version of the writer), stood out for the range of nuances and a tight work in the interpretation of the dialogues, an item not always well resolved in biopics.

What will come

What will we see in the medium term with Kate Winslet in the cast? For now the second season of Mare of Easttown It is a rumor with the possibility of materializing in 2022, but what is really confirmed to date is Avatar 2, a sequel that took more than a decade to arrive. Also on the horizon is the biopic of photographer Elizabeth ‘Lee’ Miller, played, of course, by our heroine.