The 10 most idiotic movie stars

1. Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), in the saga Twilight. As much as you fall in love with someone, if one day you wake up and find him in your room watching you sleep, without anyone having invited him, I would be pissed off. But even more so if he breaks up with you in the middle of a forest and leaves you lying there, crying, without taking you home. If he is also trying to contain his urge to bite you, I would ask for a restraining order. His family cooks spaghetti even though vampires only eat blood.

rear window cinema2.Jeff Jefferies (James Stewart) and The rear window. He already has a crime that he resists marrying Grace Kelly, more complete than him, beautiful and of high society, but then he picks up the phone and forgets the little detail of asking who he is, so he spits the whole cake on the murderer, Because he thinks he’s talking to his cop buddy. Plagued by voyeuristic disorder, he must have broken his leg out of sheer clumsiness.

cinema tinkerbell peter pan3. Bell, from Peter Pan. The great accomplice of the boy who did not want to grow up, but with friends like that … who needs enemies? Prototype of toxicity, she gets jealous because the protagonist has a new little friend, Wendy, so she tricks the Lost Boys into shooting her. He then reveals to Captain Hook where Peter Pan is hiding, which results in nothing good.

avatar4. Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), en Avatar. When his mind is transferred to the artificial body of a Na’vi, the paraplegic war veteran is fascinated by the culture of the natives of Pandora, from whom he has to extract as much information as possible. They treat him like a king, and even organize a ceremony to officially make him one of their own. One of the Na’vi, Neytiri falls in love with him, and showers him with attentions. But the very ungrateful eludes the detail of informing them of the small detail that the humans are going to destroy their beloved Mother Tree, and they are preparing to throw them out by using the force of their home, because they live on a deposit of a very mineral mineral. highly valued, information that Jake knows well.

michael douglas5. Dan Gallagher (Michael Douglas), and Fatal Attraction. In the 80s, I found the actress Anne Archer very attractive, with whom the protagonist of this emblematic film of the time is married. It turns out that he has a pretty happy marriage, without apparent problems, but the very stupid man cheats on him with Glenn Close, a great actress, but much less pleasant to watch, to put it mildly. Then he tells her that “if I’ve seen you, I don’t remember,” and that he just wanted a “quick vent.” He deserves everything that happens to him next, the bad thing is that his family also suffers the consequences, which has not been to blame.

cine paranormal activity6. Micah (Micah Sloat), en Paranormal Activity. As she does not believe in ghosts, she installs a video camera in her room to record what happens while she sleeps with her partner, Katie (Katie Featherston), obsessed with an “evil” that has haunted her since childhood. But although he obtains evidence that the door closes on its own, inexplicable noises are heard and even non-human footprints appear in the corridor, this Nobel Prize continues to be skeptical, and even takes the parapsychologist who tries to help them to cheat. Of course, the idea that he should take the churri and walk out of there does not cross his mind, even if that meant sleeping in a hotel. Normal that it does not end very well.

who ghostbusters7. Los doctores Peter Venkman, Raymond Stanz y Egon Spengler (Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis), in Ghostbusters. Yes, this bunch of misfits did well, but they could have caused a tremendous disaster that would have left Chernobyl in an anecdote, since the guys walk through overcrowded New York as if nothing else dressed in jumpsuits. plumber, with a nuclear reactor in his backpack, to fire ion beams. I’m not saying that they should take the precautions of a nuclear power plant, but I do say they should be a little careful. Well, no, the guys even make fun of it, and when the real hero of this story, Inspector Walter Peck (William Atherton) asks them for explanations, Venkman dismisses him unceremoniously, so he returns – rightly so – with a court order to close their facilities, causing all the ghosts they had captured to escape.

amadeus cinema8. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Tom Hulce), en Amadeus. Despite being one of the greatest geniuses of music of all time, he seems like an idiot, with a ridiculous laugh, whom he presents as a monguer who crawls on the ground to play with the beautiful Constanza (Elizabeth Berridge) , making rather absurd obscene jokes, and laughing because he has had the occurrence of saying words backwards. It should be clarified that the film portrays the master through the eyes of the envious Salieri (F. Murray Abraham), who cannot understand why, despite working as a slave and sacrificing his youth, he does not achieve compositions as brilliant as those of a type looking retarded, who doesn’t seem to put in much effort.

cine julia roberts9. Julianne Potter (Julia Roberts), in My best friend’s Wedding. A food critic terrified because ‘the rice is going to go away’ when he is… only 27 years old! Although she has known him all his life, he has not realized that he loves his soul mate, Michael (Dermot Mulroney), whom he only begins to appreciate … when he is going to marry someone else! Supposedly he adores him, but he can think of nothing else than to sabotage the link (go ‘best friend’), with such strange methods as humiliating the girlfriend at karaoke. Faced with his ineptitude, he can think of nothing but to make Michael jealous by revealing that he is in love with another colleague, George Downes (the great Rupert Everett), with more feather than a peacock, who anyone with two fingers of forehead would identify as homosexual .

cinema cemetery animals10. Louis Creed (Dale Midkiff), in The living graveyard. The biggest jerk ever seen on a screen. A guy who takes his family to live in a house next to a highway where heavy trucks pass at full speed does not seem very intelligent. It is normal to run over his cat, which he buries in an old Indian cemetery, so the kitten returns to life, but reconverted into a demonic monster. So you can’t think of a better idea than … burying your baby in the same place, when another heavy vehicle is carried away! Things don’t end well, but to make matters worse, the guy doesn’t seem to have learned anything, because at the end of the movie… he buries his wife in the same place!

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