That great actor named Jean Dujardin

That great actor named Jean Dujardin

2016-08-23 10:29:31 / [email protected] / Gladys Ramos Leal

We have known about the good histrionics of Jean Dujardin for many years. That is what the French Film Festival in Cuba has been in charge of.

I think I saw him for the first time in 2005 with another great: Gerard Jugnot, in the period tape “Never say this water I will not drink.” Two years later, he “starred in the frenetic denunciation of the consumer society and the publicists who stun consumer minds with” 99 francs.

In 2008 he became a kind of James Bond leading the cast of “OSS 117. Lost in Rio”, another very successful comedy.

His extraordinary work is revealed again with “Una visita inportuna” (2010), a very black comedy.

Thus he continued his career, until in 2011 the doors of the cinema were opened at his feet with “The Artist”, which gave him all the prizes in the world, including the Oscar.

To see this film we went through countless obstacles, from overcoming a torrential downpour, to the breakage of the bus that should leave us “near” the La Rampa cinema. But the reward was huge. If you have not seen it, do not hesitate to look for this tribute to the Seventh Art.

The American actor and director George Clooney immediately recognized his values ​​and hired him for his feature film “Men Monuments”, which develops the plot during World War II.

By the way, at the Oscars ceremony (2011) Dujardin and Clooney were competing for the statuette in the same category of best actor, and the Frenchman won.

“Conexion Marsella” was filmed in 2014, although we saw it at the last edition of the French Film Festival in Cuba. It’s a thriler that pits you against the mob.

Recently, Cuban Television featured the police officer “Counter-coup”, making him such a busy detective that he neglects his little daughter, to the point that she is kidnapped.

It’s good to catch up with “one of the best actors of the century.”