‘Thanks for saving my neck’

The actress Katherine Heigl He has undergone surgery to solve a cervical problem. “Well… Now I am bionic! Two titanium discs inhabit my neck and I can probably stand on my head for hours … I won’t try yet, but give me a few months and I’ll blow your mind! “She joked. The unforgettable Izzy Stevens of Grey’s Anatomy has shared several photos, one from the hospital bed and another from home, and thanked the medical team for “save me from the most excruciating pain and give me the opportunity to live without pain”. “Thank you for your tremendous talent and for saving my neck!” The interpreter, who now triumphs with The fireflies dance, one of the most watched Netflix series, has ended its message by congratulating Saint Patrick’s Day, which she has celebrated by resting, but with a clover-shaped balloon next to it.


Although Katherine Heigl left Grey’s Anatomy For more than a decade, it continues to arouse great interest among fans of the series. In fact, many followers were interested in his state of health, alluding to the character he played in fiction. “Dr. Izzie Stevens can help you“They published. Others, on the other hand, winked at one of the most mythical characters, that of actress Ellen Pompeo.”Did Dr. Meredith Gray operate on you?Joking aside, everyone wished Katherine Heigl a speedy recovery.

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Katherine Heigl’s success in ‘The Dance of the Fireflies’

The 42-year-old actress has returned to television with The fireflies dance, a series that tells the story of two friends, Tully (Katherine Heigl) and Kate (Sarah Chalke), who met in their teens and are still together into their forties. The first season has been a success, and viewers are crying out for a second season, but Netflix, for now, has not officially renewed it. “I would love to keep telling us all those stories and the actors are so good, of course, that I would love to continue seeing them,” said the creator of the fiction, Maggie Friedman, in an interview with TVLine. “I think there are many more stories to tell, if we are lucky enough to tell a second season, about those high school girls and what that stage is like. They’re only in eighth grade when we drop them. They have a lot of good teenage years and crazy 70’s ahead of them, growing up with good music, fashion and all the cultural changes. I find it very interesting, “he added.

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A dream family

Katherine Heigl He is going through a great professional moment that coincides with a wonderful period of personal stability. The actress He has been with musician Josh Kelley for 15 years, 41, whom she met when she appeared in one of her video clips and whom she married in December 2007. The couple lives on their large Utah ranch with their three children.: Naleigh, whom they adopted when she was ten months old in South Korea and is now 12 years old; Adalaide Marie, adopted in 2012 in the United States, and four-year-old Joshua Bishop, the couple’s only biological child.


In an interview with the American magazine Parents, the interpreter revealed that before the pandemic they were willing to expand the family, but now they have changed their minds. “Before the pandemic, I thought we needed one more child to make this home complete. It was not clear whether we would choose the option of foster care, adoption or perhaps another pregnancy. But now I have completely changed my mind. I am happy with these three!”, He assured.

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