Terror comes with the storm in the movie ‘Crawl’

The film ‘Crawl’ tells the story of a father and his daughter struggling to survive inclement weather and fierce predators. Photo: Outnow.ch.

The horror movies Y catastrophes combine to shape the hostile setting in which a plot about the fight for survival, in the movie ‘Crawl’.

Michael and Shawn Rasmussen sign a script that takes the viewer to the shores of Florida, in the United States, in the middle of the hurricanes, when the authorities announce the arrival of a category five hurricane entering the coast of the North American country.

The authorities have given the order that all residents must meet with their relatives and evacuate immediately before the arrival of the storm, since the rescuers They will not be able to enter the affected areas until after several hours and days.

Barry Pepper and Kaya Scodelario in a scene from the film. Photo: Outnow.ch.

As the weather worsens, the film focuses on Haley (Kaya Scodelario), a swimmer high performer who chooses to ignore orders from evacuation to go in search of your dad (Barry Pepper), with whom he has not been able to communicate and who he is injured and trapped in his own home. They both run out of time when the storm hits town and the Water begins to flood everything.

The water level rises rapidly and the fight for survive increases when fierce reptiles They try to claim their place

The scaly beasts have enough realism not to sabotage the limited coherence of the argument. The good performance of the couple protagonist, which shows a palpable state of anguish and fear, but also of courage in the moment of fighting for their lives, it energizes the action.

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For his part, the director Alexandre Aja confidently immerses himself in a film with claustrophobic environments, with no other pretensions than to keep its audience tense.

Considering the circumstances, getting out of that ‘Hell in the Storm’ alive would already be an achievement for the protagonists and a decision that will ultimately be left to the scriptwriters.