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Television comedies have never been more necessary than now. To laugh at others, to laugh at characters you empathize with, which could be a way of making fun of yourself. But not only do people live by humor, they also need to get in touch with their deepest feelings. “Ted Lasso” by Apple TV+ it’s this weird combination of humor with drama that touches your heart.

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The series follows Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis, “Saturday Night Live”), a middle-aged man who is hired to be a technical director at a London soccer club, the AFC Richmond. It seems nonsense to bring him in, since he specializes in American football; But it is all due to a plan by the team’s owner, Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham), who seeks to sink the club’s reputation as revenge against her ex-husband, the unfaithful Rupert Mannion (Anthony Head).

“Ted Lasso” has its origins in a sketch that the US channel NBC launched in 2013 to promote its Premiere League broadcasts; a tactic with which they sought more public for a sport that is not popular in the North American country. The character became popular, with more than 15 million views on YouTube. Years later the idea of ​​reviving the format arose, but with changes. The most obvious one: making Ted Lasso less rude, but more empathetic.

At first, Lasso appears to be a naive with good manners, a believer in the goodness of people. But he is not a ‘lorna’, as we say in Peru, and his attitude is not imposed. He has a concrete plan for AFC Richmond: to transform it into a real team, for which he needs the players to be united and treat each other as people. This worked, and in season 2 it promises to expand.

We continue to examine emotions, why people feel the way they do, the pressures of being a soccer player in front of thousands of people. And the effect it has on these young men”, Actor Phil Dunster, who plays the player Jamie Tart, told El Comercio; an effective player, but with a wayward attitude due to the mistreatment of his father.

But this show is not just about exploring feelings, but about generating change. Thus, “Ted Lasso” as a series has received the Peabody Award, one of the most prestigious in radio and TV, for “countering the enduring prevalence of toxic masculinity at a time when the nation needs inspiring role models of kindness.”

But this protagonist, in the midst of his goodness, has dark places that he hides from others, which was already seen in the first season when examining his relationship with his ex-wife Michelle (Andrea Anders). The dark places in the character’s mind promise to be explored next season thanks to the character of Sharon, a sports psychologist hired by the club. She, in the words of the actress who plays her, Sarah Niles, is the “antithesis of Ted.”

“There is always comedy in tragedy, there is always comedy in the seriousness of things,” adds Niles, with which we can get an idea of ​​the direction of the new episodes.


“Ted Lasso” season 2 arrives July 23 on Apple TV +, at the rate of one episode per week.

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